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If you can snap a simple photograph … you have what it takes!

From the desk of Lori Allen, the Director of Great Escape Publishing.

Dear Photographer,

There’s a mind shift taking place around the globe.

One towards more freedom, being able to live the life you truly want to live… from anyplace in the world you choose to be.

If you have a sense of adventure and you’d like to see more of the world in a way that’s different to the typical tourist, then grab your camera – this invitation is for you.

In just three days this spring in sunny, Palm Springs, CA, you’ll get everything you need to gain the confidence, power and prestige of turning your photographs into a financially valuable skill. One that earns you a lifetime of travel and fun.

If you can take simple pictures like these …

You could easily …

If you have a camera and a sense of adventure … If you love taking pictures and can learn a few secrets that will make your images stand out to photo buyers …

Then you have what it takes to turn your images into photos picked up by magazines, newspapers, online stock agencies, and photo buyers around the world.

All you need do is give it a try.

“This workshop changed my life -- or at least the direction it was going in. My biggest fear was dying before I actually had a chance to live. You gave me hope, confidence and skills all at the same time. I've been to Ireland, Washington D.C. and just last month, Fiji, thanks to these events. I'm, of course, doing all the "hard" work of taking photos. But you opened my eyes to the possibilities and I'm forever grateful.”

-- Theresa St John

"I never thought I'd be a photographer.  I was actually more interested in writing than I was photography.  Now look, my last print just sold for $1,500 and I'm having so much fun with it.  I keep telling everyone: Just try it.  You'll never know if you like it unless you try it."

-- Wayne Hoover

Travel More, Work Less and Have a Lot More Fun!

This year for our 2016 Ultimate Money-Making Photo Event, we’ve invited back all our highest-rated experts for all-new sessions on creating better photos and selling them to a variety of different markets. They’ve left no stone unturned. You’ll meet…

Daniel Nahabedian

Daniel bought his first camera in 2008, and, in just one year’s time, he was able to turn it into a full-time income.

His specialty is in transforming light into magic and at this event in April he’s leading a workshop on exactly how it’s done.

You’ll learn where and how to sell your photos AND a little photo magic so that you, too, can make your images stand out in a crowd.

Daniel will take to the main stage to talk about how he learned to take such amazing photographs in a single year and where he sells them to create a full-time living.

He’ll then join us in a smaller group session to give you some of his best advice – on creating magic with light.

He’ll show you how to transform your photo like this…

Add starbursts to your sunsets…

Record God fingers…

… and more.

You’ll also meet…

Shelly Perry

Two thirds of our photography success stories are thanks to Shelly. Now she’s back by popular demand…

Thanks to her scaredy-cat approach to photography, even the shiest of photographers are finding tremendous success.

Her strength is in building online stock portfolios of images. In Palm Springs, she’ll tell you her secret.

Shelly will take to the main stage to talk about her stock photography strategies and she’ll divide the group between those who are new to stock photography and those who’d like more advice on what to do to next once they’ve pushed their foot through the door.

Everyone thinks you need studio lights and a white background to take photos for stock. But that’s just not true. Photos like these sell even better…

You’ll learn why people in uniform sell… where to find more people in uniform and how to get a model release… how to know if there’s enough light in your photos for stock, and more.

And in another small group session, she’ll lead you through her best tips for getting good (and saleable) portraits.

Efraín M. Padró

Has mastered the art of contacting magazines with his photos. Participants at past events have used his approach to land bylines in all sorts of publications from small regional magazines to illustrious and glossy inflight magazines that sit in the seat back pockets of airplanes.

He’s agreed again this year to take the main stage and share his blueprint for going from Zero to Pro and reaching out to magazines around the world.

In addition, in smaller group sessions, he’ll take you through the specifics of good night photography and the delicate art of travel photography – how to capture the essence of a destination in just six photos.


$30,000 in Photography Income

When Kristen had to quit her job to care for a sick loved one, she was scared out of her mind. How would she afford to live?

She turned to photography, a skill she learned at our 2011 Ultimate Photography Event in Phoenix. It provided a much-needed distraction AND enough income to support her and her family.

She learned quite a bit at breakneck speed and now she’s ready to share with you how she did it. She’ll be on the main stage Thursday night at 5 p.m. In addition, her $30,000 blueprint – a step-by-step guide to earning your first $30,000 with your photos based on her own experience – is one of your fast-reply bonuses when you register today at no extra charge (a $399 value).

The $500 a Day Income Secret

It’s not all day, every day but at last year’s event in Portland, OR our very own staff member Bonnie Caton revealed her secret for pulling in an extra $500 a day with her photography.

It’s a secret weapon she uses when she needs a little extra cash and this year she’ll reveal that it’s turned into quite the cash cow for her.

If you can invest in a good camera lens, you can do this too. It’s fun. It’s fast. And it’s formulaic. It’s all part of her $10,000 spare-income plan which we’ll sell separately after this event for $299 but is yours without charge as a fast-reply bonus this year.

Get Camera Confident Before the Event

And for the first time ever when you register for this Ultimate Photography Event this April, you don’t have to wait months to get started.

Before you even get on the plane to come out, one of our experts will take you by the hand (from the comfort of your own home via live webinar) and get you up to speed on all the basics you need to get the most bang for your buck out of this event in California.

Light, composition, camera settings, simple but effective tricks… we’ll cover them all in your “Camera Confident” at-home training program.

Just one of our special FREE bonuses when you register here today.

Multiply Your Earnings… And the Perks You Receive When You Travel

With our roots in travel writing and our goal to travel more in 2016, we’ve invited, for the first time ever, expert travel writer, editor and former food critic, Kyle Wagner to show you how easy it is to parlay your new photo skills into a story you can sell for twice the pay.

You don’t need any experience nor a degree in journalism. Our members are having fun writing from all over the world – Paris, Hawaii, Fiji, New York, Mexico, Bora Bora and more.

Kyle’s also sticking around an extra day in Palm Springs to host a small group, one-day travel writing workshop…for those who are interested in taking it to the next level.

Mark Andrews got $1,030 and a free trip to Japan for his two-page story and 11 photographs. “I was happy with the money,” he said, “… but even happier with the free trip – a guided winter walk along Japan's Nakasendo Way.”

Steenie Harvey told us “I just got 450 euros ($562) for a 1,400 word piece on Edinburgh PLUS another 300 euros ($375) for the six photos I sent in with it. Not a bad haul for an amateur snapper.”

Or like Shannon Johnson you might choose to combine your writing and photography skills to try something new– Launching her new blog, Shannon told fellow workshop attendees that attending both travel writing, and photo workshops was “so life changing for me. Thank you, Lori GEP & the Gang, for helping my life go in a completely awesome direction.”

You Can Do This!

Even if you’ve only ever taken
snapshots of family and friends …

You’ll be surprised how easy and flexible it can be to turn photography into a rewarding income... once you know a few tricks of the trade.

If you’re looking for a full-time gig, you can treat it that way. Or this can easily be something you do on the side – on weekends or only when you travel.

All Sorts of Images Sell.

It’s Not about Taking Pretty Pictures. It’s about Taking Images Photo Buyers Need. And We’ll Show You How.

While Betty Santoyo was caring for some farm animals, she pulled out her camera and started clicking.

“Kind of hard taking photos of chickens while they are on the run, but this turned out great! The owner bought a CD of photos from me for $100.”

Before Terry Robinson attended one of our live workshops a few years ago, he had sold a handful of images to family and friends for $25 to $50.

But when he got home, he immediately put to use the secrets and tricks he picked up at the event. In his spare time, he set up a photo shoot in his hometown (you don’t necessarily have to travel beyond your backyard to make this work) …

 … and he made $275 on his first set of images.

Today, he “works” only part-time. When he wants extra spending money, he breaks out the camera and knows he can make $500-$1,000 in a single weekend.

He told us last year that his camera put an extra $10,000 into his bank account that year. And he’s not alone.

Patrick S. in Colorado isn’t a professional photographer either – though he always took photos on vacation and, like most parents, lots of his kids. One day, out at a nearby park with the family, he had his camera in tow and started taking a few shots … shots he then sold to an airline in-flight magazine (that is, the magazine that sits in the seat back pockets on a plane).

He was hooked. Everyplace is a destination for somebody, after all … and these photos were designed to entice vacationers to come to his hometown. The best part? The first collection of shots he sold earned him $450. And then he did it again to the tune of $800. And then again for $1,300!

And you’ve heard me talk about Danny Warren before.

Danny is now the proud father of a beautiful baby girl. He has a full-time job as an information technology specialist. Photography is just a hobby for Danny. And since time isn’t something he has a lot of (along with sleep and drool-free baby toys), Danny’s grateful that his income is coming from something he’s doing anyway – taking pictures.

His photos are in an online stock agency where they sell without any extra work on his part. It’s a passive income (enough to pay the mortgage on his new house) whether he’s outside taking more pictures, inside changing diapers, or hard at work as an information technology specialist.

Not one of these folks had any formal training as a photographer. They simply learned a few tricks behind creating a good photograph and who to sell it to … and next thing you know, they’d turned a fun photo hobby into a viable income stream. An income they can take with them anywhere in the world – whether they do it full-time, part-time, or even just on vacation.

It Doesn’t Take Special Equipment or Years of Experience.

In fact, if you can snap simple photographs like these, you can do it …

Click on the orange button here to secure your place, and see full details of pricing, discounts and add-on workshop details too!

Click Here to Register Now!

Get Paid to Have FUN!

If you’d like to set your own hours … travel when you please … wake up every morning loving what you do, then you absolutely have to join us at this year’s event.

You’re not alone. And the folks who have joined us in the past will tell you they’re happier, healthier, and more successful because they did.

There’s something very rewarding about seeing your photos in a magazine. And something very cool about walking into Bed Bath & Beyond or another department store and seeing your photo in a picture frame on the shelf.

I’m telling you …

I’ve literally stood next to a photo of me on the shelf at Bed Bath & Beyond, taken by professional stock photographer Shelly Perry whom you’ll meet in Palm Springs, and just waited for someone to pass by so I could point out that it’s me inside the picture frame.

And my grandmother is as proud as punch, too. She found a picture of me at Walgreens in Florida while shopping with a friend. “That’s my granddaughter,” she told her friend. And together they bought every frame on the shelf!

What if that were your photo?

“I just have to share this. Prior to attending my first photography workshop, I did not know what ISO or Fstop were. I am therefore thrilled every time one of my stock photos shows up somewhere cool. A few months ago one was shown on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, and today one showed up on a syndicated column that appeared in all online Sun media newspapers across Canada.”

-- Workshop attendee Amy Muschik

Jump-Start Your Successful
New Life

Lucy Brown dreamed of being a travel photographer and writer before she attended this same workshop that’s coming up in Palm Springs. But she always thought it was too competitive and way beyond her experience and capabilities. She was an English teacher, she told herself. Not a photographer.

But after attending The Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop Lucy said …

“Other than offering me invaluable advice and tips, it opened my eyes to the fact that with motivation and perseverance the inexperienced could also break into the industry. Now I’ve had a number of articles and photos published in International Living’s magazine and on their website – and gotten paid for them, too."

“As well as the obvious financial benefits, it’s extremely rewarding to see my photos and writing in print.

“I’ve also become much more observant. Now I walk around looking at the world with the eyes of a photographer and writer (whether I’m at home or traveling), picking up leaflets and rarely leaving home without my camera. I feel like I have a purpose wherever I go, always looking for a story to tell with photos and words and delving much deeper into the local culture than I would have before.

“Although I’m only just breaking into the industry, I’ve never been happier, working on my own schedule and earning money doing what I love. My income doesn’t support me yet, but it certainly helps toward paying for some of my trips and it makes living in Guatemala (or anywhere!) and traveling a much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.” – Lucy B.

And Lucy’s not the only one to get her start this way. In fact, over the years we’ve shared the secrets to success with thousands of readers just like you. Ginger S. is a good example …

No Experience Needed

"Lots of good information and the workshops were appropriate for beginners. I was afraid I would be overwhelmed but I was not. The Great Escape Publishing folks are terrific – very approachable and helpful."

– Kathleen Preston

Ginger had been working for years in the green-energy industry, spending her days in an exciting but high-stress environment. Then one day, that environment went away entirely – her employer folded up shop and, just like that, she was out of work.

Being a grandmother, Ginger didn’t have any interest in moving to a new city and leaving her family behind. But she did have an interest in photography. She also had a camera gathering dust on a shelf.

And that’s when she turned to us.

We showed Ginger how easy and fulfilling it really can be to earn money by taking pictures. She started out snapping shots of everything from the dog park to the way her tea glistened in the morning light at her favorite breakfast spot. Today, Ginger is working full-time on a contract to provide a 2,000-image portfolio to an international stock agency. And she couldn’t be happier.

“The value is excellent. I can’t imagine a better way to jump-start a career, such sincere, energetic, qualified, and friendly lecturers, along with presentations by real-world regular people with inspiring and attainable success stories.”

– Vera Bojnel

Does the Program Work?

Our results from past workshop attendees
speak for themselves …

Join us in Palm Springs this April, and you’ll learn not just everything you need to get started…but everything you need to set yourself up for a photographer’s lifetime of freedom, adventure, and profits…

But don’t just take my word for it. Folks who have already used the tricks and secrets taught in our programs in the past are enjoying tremendous success … You’ll meet some of these folks in person this Spring. Meanwhile, here’s what previous attendees have to say…

Our Speakers Earn Rave Reviews

“This is truly the best workshop I have ever attended! The speakers, the energy, the attendees, the GEP staff made it fun, educational, engaging – and did I mention fun? I learned so much and met people I will remain friends with.”
- Lisa Bennet

It’s just amazing how much knowledge you have passed on in such a short time, I really feel this workshop has given me the tools to “renovate” my life and what I do for a living"
– Rolando Munari

“Efrain is very knowledgeable, approachable, very involved with students and willing to share his secrets – he gave the best tips of the trade.
– Joy Spring

“I picked up a lot of really good information that I will be able to actually use … and right away!”
– Dore Terada

“Kristen was knowledgeable, relate-to-able, motivational, energising. I feel so motivated and confident after her presentation.“
- Mary Pat Collins

“What I like most about this workshop is the confidence I’m leaving with! And the tools to reach my goals...also the opportunity to share fears, ideas and knowledge with other attendees.”
– Patty Goodin

“Shelly’s relaxed style and the amount of technical expertise in all aspects of working with microstock photography was such a blessing! I felt she gave us so much – the real inside story – and how to succeed. She’s organized and takes the intimidation out of considering pursuing a dream like this.”
– Roni Java

Lots of bang for the buck. Excellent instructors, well designed programs  …”
– Diane Simpson

Harrison Lee told us he’s now earned more than $3,000 selling photos with his travel articles.

Kim Bechthold turned her photos into an extra $993 when she put them into an online stock agency. And now that she’s moved overseas to Costa Rica, her photos continue to sell even though she’s stopped uploading more to her portfolio.

Sue Wright came to one of our very first events and made over $1,500 in sales of a single photograph she took at the workshop within three months of her return home.

Rick Jordan sold his photos to a softball magazine for upwards of $1,200.

Lisa Norrgard sold at least 20 canvas prints within months, with prices ranging from $225 to $375 each.

Caroline Maryan entered five of her photos in an exhibition for emerging artists in Seoul, South Korea where she lived at the time. Three of them sold. Two for $500 each and $600 for the third.

Leslie Ehrin sold hers to a textbook for nearly $30,000. (Note: Not everyone can expect this. Wow!)

Jim Mitchell got $600 for his images in a magazine spread.

Valerie Leroyer sold hers to the city hall for $200.

Helena Long received $240 for a 12-photo series in a magazine.

Sue Henderson sold one photo three times for a total of $900.

Steve Collender got into stock photography when he lost his job at the airlines after 9-11.  “If I earn enough to pay the electric bill,” he thought, “I’d be happy with that.”  But soon his photo royalties paid not just the electric bill but also the phone and gas bill. Then they were enough to pay the car payment and eventually the mortgage.

Tim Napp photographed his cat for Friskies Cat Food and the Carnation Company and won $5,000 and a trip to Los Angeles, CA.

Ralph Brannan gets $300 and a lot of free stuff (like B&B stays and meal tickets) for his photos.

Mary Alice Murphy gets $100 for each 8x10 art photo she sells.

Beverly Shook puts her nature and still life prints in calendars and has made almost $1,000 so far.

Susie Carey also sells her photos as greeting cards.

Diane Watson was invited to exhibit her work in a local gallery for Atlanta Celebrates Photography. She received $300 for one photo and $150 to $200 for others.

And our very own Steenie Harvey carries a point-and-shoot camera with her now. She got $375 for just six photos she sent in with an article she wrote on Edinburgh.

Stories like these continue to roll in – from around the country and around the world. People selling their photos in lots of different ways… working when and where suits them… and getting paid for what they love to do already…

And now we’d like to add your story, too.

We’ll Hand you Everything you Need to Launch Your Photographer’s Dream Life

Our presenters will reveal their “tricks of the trade” to take more saleable images. There’s no doubt – getting paid to take pictures no matter where you are is a great lifestyle. And when you pick up these skills, you’ll have them for life.

Take just three days to join us in sunny Palm Springs, and you’ll get the details you need on where to sell travel images, including stock photos, editorial, and fine art.

Not only that, but you’ll also learn how to score free stuff and enjoy perks along the way – things like free stays and access to places only photographers are usually allowed.

There is no substitute for the hands-on experience you’ll gain from our team of professional photographers when you join us in person. You’ll get …

And more.

And not only will you learn these tricks and secrets from the pros, you’ll get a chance to try them yourself, too.

We’ve learned over the years that sitting behind a desk and learning how to do something is completely different from getting up and actually doing it. That’s why you’ll spend at least half a day practicing what you learn.

And you’ll get feedback on your work before you leave so there’s no guesswork. You’ll know what it takes and you’ll have proof that you can do it. That’s what this whole thing is about, really.

And that’s why this year we are going to devote even more time to your photo reviews. You’ll get a whole new level of personal mentoring… one that would cost a small fortune were you to pay for it anywhere outside this workshop.

All you need to do is come with an interest in photography – no experience necessary, just a digital camera in hand – and in three days next Spring, we’ll show you exactly what you need to know to turn photos and videos of your next vacation … your own hometown … and even your pets … into a fast, fun, easy income stream….for life.

In your spare time. Again, no experience necessary.

Leave on Vacation, Return Home
a Money-making Photographer

We’re hosting this program in sunny Palm Springs. Boasting year-round sunshine, a unique mix of Hollywood glamour, poolside chic and vintage charm, it’s no surprise Palm Springs landed a place on this year’s Conde Nast Traveler's list of “Best Small Cities in America.”

It’s where snowbirds mix comfortably with hipsters, hikers, and all sorts of folks on weekend getaways from LA to clear across the globe.

They travel here to enjoy hot-air ballooning over the desert, horseback riding, tennis, and golfing…. to soak in the ancient Coachella Valley's natural hot springs… tour the homes of stars, Sinatra, and Elvis, and Bob Hope… to dine in upscale restaurants, and shop for everything from vintage linen to high-end fashion.

Not forgetting the weekly VillageFest which turns palm-tree-lined streets into a colorful fair where handicrafts vendors and aromatic food booths vie for attention with wacky street performers, and locals shop at fresh-produce stalls.

And you’ll enjoy it all in the company of like-minded people, keen to learn, seek out the best photo opportunities, meet new friends, and HAVE FUN!

We’ll be at the luxurious Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort where we’ve arranged a special discounted rate for you of just $169/night plus tax.

We’ll pack a lot of fun and information in during the day, but after hours you’ll have time to rejuvenate yourself in the fabulous 20,000-square-foot spa, golf the 27-hole championship course, or relax over cocktails poolside, as the sun sets against a backdrop of mountains and palm trees… all in the heart of the desert.

The Smartest, Most Efficient Path 
to a Whole New Money-Making Adventure

If you’re interested in finding a way to fund your travels with your photos … a way to earn an income from anywhere on the planet (or right there at home!) … and set yourself up for a lifetime of adventure… then don’t wait to do it.

Act now. This is our ONLY Ultimate Money-Making Photo Workshop in 2016.

And it’s the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way there is for you to gain all the knowledge you need to start making money from your photographs…for life.

If you’re ready to turn that dream into a reality, then I encourage you to join us in Palm Springs this April.

The admission to The Ultimate Money-Making Photo Workshop includes three days of intensive (but downright enjoyable, too!) class sessions geared to produce saleable photographs.

Plus, for the first time ever join our pre-workshop “Camera Confident” coaching session. No matter what your current skill level we’ll make sure your ready to get a real bang for your buck when you get to Palm Springs.

We’d usually charge up to $499 for a one-day add-on workshop like this, but you can join WITHOUT CHARGE when you register for the 2016 Ultimate Money-Making Photo Event.

Make Money Doing
What You Love …

“It is PRACTICAL!! And the content aimed at helping you make money at something you LOVE to do is great – whether fine art, stock, or magazine publications. There’s something for everyone.”

– Vera Bojnel

I’ll Give You $200…

That’s right. If you sign up today, I’d like to give you a $200 credit towards your airfare.

I’ve answered several phone calls and emails from readers saying that they know how invaluable it would be to join us in Palm Springs, but the flight is just too far… or out of their budget. I don’t want this to stop you from taking this one step I know will help launch your photography career.

So, I’m going to help out – join us in Palm Springs this April 5-7, 2016 and I’ll give you a $200 credit to help cover your flight.

If you want to create a second income stream through photography… then our Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop is not only a proven way to get there, but it’s also quite possibly the most affordable photography event you’ll find out there… because I’m going to help you pay for your airfare!

We could reasonably charge two to three thousand dollars for an event of this caliber, not to mention the accessibility to the professional photographers on staff. And it would be worth every penny.

Just one publishable photograph might earn you that much, or more. But when you secure a seat today, I’ll give you $200 that can go directly toward your flight… and, if you find a flight cheaper than that, you can pocket the difference.

The full price of this event is $1,697. However, book now and you can take advantage of a $200 flight credit discount.

This means that if you register today, you'll only pay $1,497 to attend (money you can earn back with the sale of a few photos or videos).

(Note: Other discounts may apply. See the Registration Page below for details.)

There´s also a Register Now, Pay Later Plan

When you reserve your spot now, you can also enjoy an easy payment plan and pay just $748 today. When you do, you lock in the discounted workshop price of only $1,497 and next month, we’ll bill your credit card the remaining $749 payment.

So you split your fee into two easy payments and spread them out comfortably between now and when the workshop starts this April … and still lock in your $200 flight credit.

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And, when you register today, you’ll also get:

… but you must register today!

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Guarantee # 1— I guarantee that the Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop will provide you all the insider tools and secrets you need to get paid as a photographer. We’re focused on success in the real world, and we’ll walk you through what you need to do, step-by-simple-step.

Guarantee # 2— I guarantee we’ll deliver the how-to intelligence you need to start taking saleable photographs, sell them to magazines, newspapers, websites, and as fine art, and cash in on all the great perks of the photographer’s life. No prior experience necessary.

Guarantee # 3— I guarantee we’ll treat you fairly should you register and then find you need to cancel. Though all our workshops and expeditions are non-refundable before the event, when you give us at least 30 days’ notice of a cancellation, we will be happy to apply your payment toward a future workshop, minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations received with less than 30 days’ notice may be subject to extra fees.

Click Here and Save $200!

Whether you’re just picking up a camera for the first time, or you’re an accomplished photographer seeking ways to make more money from your photos, these three days in Palm Springs can change your life.

Many attendees come back again and again.

As one pleased first-time attendee put it …

“I got more than my money’s worth.”

“Every presenter was amazing! I feel I got way more than my money’s worth from this workshop. You packed into three days everything I ever wanted to know about the business side of photography and I learned so many wonderful new technical skills! I’ve had a wonderful time and loved every minute.

“Can’t thank you enough everyone at Great Escape Publishing! I thought it would be a great conference and it turned out to be even better – fabulous – and beyond what I was expecting.

“I’d recommend this workshop to others in a heartbeat! You offer so much, it’s all very well organized, and the depth and detail are impressive! I’ve been a published newspaper writer and photographer and public relations/media relations specialist for the last 27 years. You had so much to teach me about this whole other field and I’m terrifically glad I came.

“I loved your whole format. My first in-person experience with your organization. Each person was super helpful and responsive.”

– Roni Java

This is an excellent opportunity to jump into the photographer’s lifestyle …

Whether you’re interested in adding photos to your travel articles … or you’re looking for a way to turn a “hobby” into an income-producing pastime … or you’re interested in, quite simply, learning and perfecting a skill that can provide you endless enjoyment, prestige, and fun …

 … then I encourage you to join my colleagues and me April 5-7, 2016 in Palm Springs.

Sign up here and don’t risk missing out on your seat—and your $200 savings!

Think about this incredible offer. 

I’ll Give You $200 Back

+ FREE access to the Camera Confident at-home training program – a precursor to our event in Palm Springs (a $499 value)

+ Three Free Bonuses, including a Free copy of How to Earn Back Your Workshop Fee in 90 Days or Less

= The opportunity to change your life like it has for so many of our other workshop attendees

There’s no better time than right now to create an income stream through photography – now is the TIME to act.

Space is limited, and we won’t hold another Ultimate Money-Making Photography Event until 2017, so I encourage you to register now.

This workshop is going to be bigger and better than ever before — with new in-depth presentations, more sessions, and more on-the-ground insights.

I encourage you to act quickly – while seats are open and generously discounted.


Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

Click Here and Save $200!

P.S. I can tell you this program is worth every penny – and more – but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a few more of our past attendees have to say …

“I absolutely would recommend this workshop. I’m still a novice, but attending a workshop is like a shot in the arm-I feel my learning curve has recently jumped a hurdle and feel I can go home satisfied that I’m moving and growing.

– Laura Miyake

“What I loved about this workshop – it was so practical, formulaic – and gave me a concrete realistic plan.”

– Mary Pat Collins.

“It’s very beneficial if you want to use photography in any way. It’s good for all levels of experience.”

– Laura Beard

“Just great as always. I always learn something important to change the way I photograph. It motivates us to do things on our own and opens our eyes to possibilities available in the world.”

– Scott Moses

You were able to take a complex subject and break it into manageable parts that don’t send you into overload. Staff was amazingly helpful.”

– Jane Jenkins

“It’s so hands on with simple learning techniques. Great people and all instructors are so nice. I didn’t realize I would love it so much and I can’t wait ‘till the next one!”

– Pamela Stanley

“I learned a ton! I will need to go home and practice, practice, practice – but at least now I know what to practice doing!”

– Sue Larson

“I loved this workshop. Lots of excellent information, and easy to understand. And I can put it to use immediately! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Lyrae Perry

“I have a passion for both travel and photography (not to mention writing) and this workshop was perfect to help me gain more confidence going forward to encourage those interests …

–Susan Schmeiler

I got exactly what I needed … I’m so glad I found the Great Escape Publishing community – it’s a terrific resource overall and I love the staff’s commitment to their customers.”

– Linda Lee Kaye

“This was probably the best workshop I’ve ever attended. The speakers kept my interest throughout the program, even with the jet-lag & late nights. Thanks.”

– M. Gibson

“Thank you for a great, well-put together, organized event. This was my first workshop, likely not my last.”

– Eileen Hartman

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Your Travel Details

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa
4100 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, California 92270

For reservations call 760-568-2727.

Note: Occasionally the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort may offer special rates and/or packages for their smaller rooms through various Internet sites … feel free to check and see if a special rate is available that catches your eye.

If you’re interested in sharing a room with another participant, we encourage you to make a post on our Palm Springs Facebook page once you’re registered. This is a closed group and only participants coming to the event can gain access to the page.


You are responsible for arranging transportation from the airport to the resort and back.

By Taxi: The hotel is just a short 10 mile ride from Palm Springs International Airport. You can expect approximately a 20-minute ride by car (likely longer during rush hour). Cost will likely be around $35 plus tip. More if you hit traffic.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All our workshops and expeditions are non-refundable before the event. If, however, you are unable to attend – and you give us at least 30 days notice – we will be happy to apply your payment toward a future workshop, minus a $200 processing fee for overseas expeditions or a $50 processing fee for stateside workshops like those in Palm Springs or New Orleans. Cancellations with less than 30 days notice may be subject to extra fees.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: We strongly suggest you protect your investment by purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, and we would be happy to recommend a policy to you. I’ve written articles about travel insurance before – how to know when you need it and whether or not it’s a good deal – so I can send you those when you register.

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