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Save wet electronics with these 4 tips

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We published this save wet electronics travel tip back in December of last year. But it fits nicely with this month’s Photo Challenge theme. So I’m including it here in our July 4th Travel series.

This series goes along with our current 4th of July sale, where you can get a selection of our very best travel writing, photography, or travel resources for 75% off.


If your camera, cell phone, or other device accidentally gets wet when you’re traveling (or at home), try the following tricks to save wet electronics:

** 1. Do NOT turn it on if it’s wet. Remove the battery and memory card and leave all the doors and covers on the device open so it can dry.

** 2. Vacuum it out. If you try drying the device with a fan or a blow dryer, you risk pushing moisture deeper onto the circuitry. This could cause a short. Instead, pull moisture away from the device with a vacuum.

** 3. Bury it in rice. Rice absorbs moisture from nearby objects. If your camera gets wet, drop it into a container of rice and let it sit for a day. The rice will help pull the moisture out.

** 4. Power it back up. After your camera or phone spends a full day submerged in rice, reinsert the battery and cards, and turn it on. If it doesn’t work, call the manufacturer.  Don’t try to hide the fact that it got wet. There are internal indicators in most devices that show water damage.

Further resources:

Pictures of how to save wet electronics with rice are here.

Watch how to save wet electronics with this PC World video.


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