7 responses to “How to Sell Hometown Photos to Magazines”

  1. Jill Berni

    What a great idea Efrain. One I hadn't thought of. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mayra Pau

    Great adviced, and your photos are fantastic.

    1. Suhas

      Amber,It goes without saynig that your portrait, wedding, and family work are amazing. I want to say thanks for sharing your environmental/scenery and commercial photography as well. Your images are fascinating and this photo in particular is so very captivating. Keep up your creative and adventurous spirit!

  3. Mountain Spirit

    Thank you so very much for the information. You are so right about the lack of time. Taking just quick snaps while they are. Only to find out later about other sites that I would have rather seen in that town had I know. Thank you for such a wonderful article. We often miss what is right in front of our face. Thanks again. Mountainspirit

  4. kat

    Loved the photography section on the travel-writing piece. Wow! A lot to learn!

  5. Vivienne Mackie

    Good ideas and thanks for sharing. Taking multiple shots of something literally in our back yard is also a good way to practice and see what we get wrong

  6. Rita

    Thanks for the motivation, sounds like something I can really do.

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