Selling Your Photos Online Is Surprisingly Simple

The great thing about selling your photos online as stock -- besides the passive income stream -- is how simple it can be.

For example, this stock photo has sold 60 times, and it’s something you could easily set up on your dining room table, next to a window.

It’s more “Valentine” than “spring,” but I like the way the flowers are in focus in the foreground, with other flowers and related items blurred in the background. I’ll try something like this with a more spring/Easter feel when I set up my own flowers to photograph for stock tomorrow.

I also love the idea of including a blank card with flowers. This could be useful for Mother’s Day, a birthday, Easter, “Thank You,” “I’m Sorry,” “Get Well,” and many other themes.

This photo has sold more than 200 times.

Candy would be fun to shoot, too. I like the simplicity of this shot. It’s colorful and it says “Easter,” while keeping it very uncomplicated.

This one has sold more than 300 times.

Here’s my dining room table and a nearby window I’ll use for light...

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to create simple, saleable photos like these in your home, with nothing more than a window, a table, and some fun props.

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