Beginner Photography: 4-Day Class

Beginner Photography Class Day 2: Understanding Shutter Speed

Yesterday, we learned all about aperture and f-stops and how adjusting your aperture let’s you control the amount of light you let into your camera and how much of your photograph is in sharp focus. Today, let’s talk about SHUTTER SPEED. The shutter on your camera opens to begin an exposure and closes to end […]

Beginner Photography Class Day 4: Understanding Exposure

They say the color of your eyes determines your eye’s sensitivity to light. Light colored eyes are more sensitive than dark. My mom and I have blue eyes. We always wear sunglasses outside. We struggle to see without them. And prolonged exposure to bright light without glasses usually gives us a headache. My husband, on […]

Beginner Photography Class Day 3: Understanding ISO

Over the past two days, we’ve discussed two important functions of your camera – aperture and shutter speed. These two things work together with your ISO to balance the right amount of light needed to create a well-exposed photograph. ISO controls your camera’s sensitivity to light. When you increase your sensor’s sensitivity to light, you […]

Beginner Photography Class Day 1: Understand Camera Aperture

The purpose of this class is to boil down once-complicated concepts into something a beginner can understand. The best way I can think to understand camera APERTURE is to think about a pirate’s eye-patch. I read somewhere that pirates wear eye-patches not because they lost or injured an eye in a fight. But because they’re […]