Shoot High-Selling Stock Photos with a Creative Twist

Ooh la la! The things you can do with chocolate sauce... I’ll show you in a minute.

Bonnie here, again, still obsessing over chocolate and coming up with photos I can sell as stock. Hopefully, you’re following along at home, photographing something you love so you can sell your photos online, too.

It’s great fun.

Today, I’m trying to get more creative and “work” the shot -- adding my own twist to the chocolate theme.

First, I thought I’d get some “portraits” of the chocolates in their box. So I took a few of those:

Then, I started taking them out of the box to see what they look like alone, isolated on white:

It was fun, for sure, but I still wasn’t coming up with many creative ideas. I needed something to put my own “twist” on it.

That’s when I looked down and saw this:

It looked kind of funny to me, so I shot it. Then I took it a step further...

And, finally...

Of course, once you get to an empty box, there’s not much else to do. So I got out the chocolate sauce. Here’s what I came up with:

Working the shot like this is so much fun! Plus, when all you need is a box and a wrapper, you really CAN start eating your props.

Speaking of which... it’s about time to go for a run. I love chocolate. But I also like being able to fasten my pants.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about cleaning up your images and getting them ready for sale using Adobe Lightroom. The photos you see here were shot on a white background, but before I processed them in Lightroom, the background was slightly gray. I’ll show you how to fix that tomorrow.

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  1. Adam Smith

    Hi Bonnie,

    Nice fun article! I will be posting a link for our members on the Stockphotopants facebook site for some tips of thinking outside of the box (pardon the pun). Feel free to add some of your lovely chocolates shots to your free account! You keep 100% of sales!

    Kind regards,

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