Stock Photography: A Diverse Art

Would you rather spend the rest of your life living somewhere like this:

Or this:

Would you rather eat:


...right this second?

Would you rather play with:

or soon as you finish this quiz?

At our last workshop, photographer Danny Warren reminded us that photography is art. And art is all about personal preference.

Stock photography is no exception. The above quiz was just for fun, but the cool thing is that all of the above pictures were taken by our readers and accepted by online stock agencies who are now selling their work.

Maybe you’d rather spend your time on the trail like in Christi’s photo or with your dog like in Sandee’s photo. The great thing is that microstock agencies are so diverse, you’re bound to find at least one site interested in the subjects you love to shoot.

If you haven’t yet started an online stock portfolio of images that are up and ready for sale, I’d like to help.

Don’t know where to start or simply haven’t started because you can’t find the time?  You don’t have to start alone.

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