4 responses to “Stock Photography Tips: Five Photos That Sell”

  1. Joe Francis

    I would love to learn more about this business.

  2. Shirley Protzman

    I would appreciae any thing you could tell me to get started

  3. Doug ascalon

    I have been receiving your newsletter for 3 yrs now and enjoy reading them. Tried submitting once 2 years ago, to i-stock and had all my images rejected due to blurry resolution at 100%. Very discouraging since i thought I was a fairly good photographer composition wise, etc. I have been selling my work in Lahaina, Maui, for 3 years now. (http://dgartstudio.smugmug.com and http://www.printsellers.com) I use a 12 meg Canon 50D with 3 different high-end lenses.
    I would like to give it another shot in stock and my question is, does it mean that I have to use a tripod for every shot to be submitted to stock agencies to qualify for that 100% tack sharp image?

  4. Bethany Sehorne

    I've been trying to break into the stock photography niche for a while now. Thank you for this article!

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