Photography Tip: Learn from Princess Diana’s Photographers

Princess Diana had two official photographers. Wherever she went, they followed.

Both did a great job documenting her everyday life, yet the two men were very different.

One took the photos he needed and left.

The other took the photos he needed... but then turned the camera to Diana’s shoes, belts, hats, and purses.

After Diana’s tragic death, the first photographer had done his job. The second photographer? He landed a book deal for “Dressing Diana.”

What does this have to do with stock photography?

There's an important photography tip to take from this story: Don’t stop when you get the shot. Try every angle. Photograph details. Really work the shot and cover everything about the subject that you’re shooting.

Who knows... it might be the tiny detail shot that sells more in the end than the original photo you set out to take.

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