Strange Travel Tip: 3 Free Travel Tools You'll Find in a Bar

The next time you eat out at a nice restaurant or bar, save the cork from your wine bottle and the coaster beneath your drink.  And if the place gives away matchboxes, grab one of those too.

Here are a few fun (and useful) things you can do with each, the next time you travel:

** Wine Cork = Sewing Kit

Stick loose needles, pins, and safety pins into one end of a cork like a pincushion. Then wrap thread around it like a bobbin. You can make a thin slice on the other end to hold the loose ends of your thread.

** Matchbox = Pill Case

Once you use up all the matches in a box, turn it into a little pill case. You can even print off directions or descriptions of what the pills are, and glue it to the inside bottom of the box. You could also put buttons in it to supplement your sewing kit.

** Drink Coasters = Luggage Tags

Save your clean cardboard beer coasters, and later you can punch a hole in the top and tie it to your suitcase with a strong ribbon. Write your name and address on the back in permanent marker. They also make great gift tags.

What other things do you re-use as travel tools? Drop me a note at and we’ll share the best in coming weeks.

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