Strange Travel Tip: Haunted Hotels

Today’s bizarre travel tip isn’t really a tip.  I can’t promise that it’s true either.

I’m not usually one to pass along rumors but it is, after all, Halloween week.  And what’s a strange and bizarre travel tip series without a few haunted hotels?

So if you’re on the lookout for thrills and chills this Halloween -- or any time of year -- check out one of the following…

** Mermaid Inn -- Rye, England

Though you won’t find anything about it on the Inn’s website, the Mermaid Inn is rumored to be one of the most haunted Inns in England. Guests report seeing ghosts sitting on their beds in the middle of the night… rearranging their clothing… and walking through the halls.

Four of the rooms are reputed to be haunted, and tales are told of ghostly smugglers dating back to the 18th Century when smuggling was at its height.

** Stanley Hotel -- Estes Park, Colorado

This hotel openly reports several spirits -- that’s part of the draw. But the most notable are those of the original owner, F.O. Stanley and his wife, Flora. She used to entertain guests by playing the piano, and staff report hearing music from her former room. Sometimes they tell of seeing the piano keys moving even as the music stops when they enter. Horror writer Stephen King was inspired to write ‘The Shining’ when he stayed in this room.

** Banff Springs Hotel -- Banff, Canada

Sam the bellman retired from the Banff Springs Hotel in 1967. He always promised that he would come back to the hotel, but he died before that ever happened. However, he reportedly did return in a different form… and continues to “help” both guests and staff today. Several late-night arrivals to the hotel have reported an elderly bellman in uniform who has helped them out. When they try to find him afterwards to thank him, there is never any trace of him.

That’s just one of the two major hauntings reported at the hotel, which denies the claims and never officially affirms the presence of ghosts.

-- Lori

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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