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“I am (or was) the world's worst a mile. Once I nearly lost a great friendship just by agreeing to shoot the pictures for a friend's wedding. That's how bad I was.

"Sure I had a camera, but I kept it hidden, in the back of the closet, as far out of my sight as I could.


"Then in San Antonio I had time to attend one of Rich Wagner's sessions. Three simple things I learned had a profound impact on my shots. My readers have noticed. I think fewer of them fall asleep reading my site now. I actually get raves from them about my pictures instead of what I write! I can now even turn something as hard to photo as a house into something interesting.

"More important I am finding it fun to look for good shots. I found myself this dawn hanging around the local Cathedral looking like a stalker or something. Actually I was just watching for the right person to step in front of the lens and create that special moment. I almost got a good one but not quite so tomorrow morning when the sun rises I'll be back there. The point being....this has added a wonderful dimension to life!

"I know I get a kick when my readers tell me that something I said or wrote helped improve their lives as Rich has mine.

"In the past I would have centered this shot. Now I know better!”

--Gary S.  (North Carolina)

6 Photos Sold on EBay! Made him $137.04

"Three days ago, we had a massive fire in Wildwood that totally destroyed a popular local hotel. As a reporter, I rushed over to the scene and took many photos and added the best ones to my news story.

"I was so surprised with how great and dramatic the photos turned out that I realized, 'Hey, millions of people have vacationed in the Wildwoods through the years. Maybe some of them would be interested in really good 8 X 10's of unique events or scenes from the Wildwoods, especially an historic fire that burned for two days and destroyed a popular hotel that they might have stayed in at one time. I posted six or seven photos on EBay for sale at a flat rate of $19.99 plus s/h ('no bidding this time, if they like the photo, they'll buy it,' I thought).

"Within eight hours, I had orders for six photos. One man bought four and a lady bought two. That's $137.04 in six hours. All I did was post them on EBay and sit back and wait. Now I plan on listing all my best news and feature photos for sale."

-- Thom Fontannaz,

“Right after I joined your group you posted a writing opportunity at  We had just returned from another amazing trip to Yellowstone so I wrote this piece and submitted it.  It's been almost a year and I had completely forgotten about it until this morning when I opened my email and there was the link to the article.  They asked me to resend the pictures since they did not receive them.  I sent them this morning although I can't imagine them using them after the fact.

Regardless, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for seeking out these opportunities and sharing them with us.  I must confess that if I was writing this same piece again, it would be very different.  My biggest challenge at the time was just pressing the SEND button.  I'm past that now and that step was huge!

I had really wanted to attend the San Francisco workshop but financially it just isn't in the cards.  I've learned so much in Houston, Austin and San Diego I hate to miss this opportunity.  Being able to meet the people who will review your work is so important.  Meeting Ann Silva in Houston was big for me.  When I wrote a piece and sent it to her, I was able to identify myself from the Houston workshop.  She has purchased two of my articles and I am working on a personal project with Alicia Noack.  I think she is extremely talented!

One more thing...I participated in a yard sale on Saturday at our Volunteer Fire Department.  Along with 'attic treasures' I also took some of my photography.  Not only did I sell several pieces, I was approached by a lady who purchased a 20 X 24 picture from our latest trip out west.  She presented her card to me, said she was a managing partner in our local Outback restaurant, they were redecorating, she liked my work and wanted to display several pieces!  EGADS!  You never know where the next opportunity will present itself.  This is more fun than working!”

 --Diane Simpson

"I just cashed a check for $350 for an article and four photos. ($100 of it was for the photos.)

The article was about a 4 generation family restaurant in southeastern Ohio. I live in north central highlands of Ohio.

"Getting into the digital field now and putting some of my pictures of that area on E-bay. That was a great idea you shared about internet sales.


--Judy Dubois

“This month at our County Fair I entered photos from a Spring trip to the Netherlands in categories "Vacation", "Landscape", and "Architectural". Each won a first place premium blue ribbon – no actual prize or cash, but an achievement all the same!

"I'm not very far along in the photography program, but already I have learned a lot about composition and content. I have 400+ photos from this trip, and the course taught me how to select photos for specific purposes. I have a Sony Cyber shot 5 mega pixel camera, and until I enrolled in the course, had no idea what the camera could do -”

-- Helen Q. (Texas)

"I'm on a ship cruise called Seminar at Sea going from San Diego, CA, through Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, across the Panama Canal, Colombia, and from today, will be going to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, then on to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday.

“Since you ask us for our success stories after attending your workshops, I am thrilled to report that two of my photos have been selected as winners in the ship's photo contests.  I took your photography course in the Bahamas last June, and not only was one of my pictures selected for a travel guide on the Bahamas, but so was one of my restaurant reviews.  Now the two photo contest winners - I'm thrilled and wanted to let you know.”

--Lily T. (Texas)

BRENDA MCGILL (California) Following The Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop in Washington, D.C., Brenda created a round-up article with five photos for That led to a request by the publisher to write a Valentine's Day-related feature for the "cover" of the February issue, complete with publication credit.

LYNNIA ALLISON (Florida) A Bahamas' workshop participant, Lynnia took advantage of an opportunity right in her own area. She attended and photographed a "Miss Florida 2005 for Transsexuals" contest and was subsequently invited to do a gallery exhibit. Of those she included in the exhibit, four have sold for $500 each and one was auctioned at a benefit for tax credit. Lynnia also has an article planned for publishing in Ocean Wave Magazine and Fisher Island Magazine on the Dale Chihuly-Fairchild Garden Art in the Park exhibit.

ZARA ALTAIR (California) Zara can definitely testify as to opportunities practically materializing out of nowhere. Her neighbor, a former professional photographer, noticed the "Turn Your Pictures into Cash" binder on her table, and asked Zara to shoot the inside and outside of her house because it was going to be listed for sale. Result: Zara's first check, for $50!

Sheila Fox Tanksley (California) contacted us to let us know about her own first success…

“I'm a fairly new student of the Turn Your Pictures Into Cash program and I'm very excited.  At the end of last March and beginning of April, my 16 year old daughter and I, went to Romania with an outreach group to work with abandoned babies and toddlers at a state run hospital in Bucharest.  It was my first time outside the US.
“Not only did we encounter a whole new culture and people, we broadened our personal horizons.  I took over 3,000 photographs!  I just wanted to record everything so I could share it when we returned.  I also kept a journal but knew I wouldn't be able to write down everything.  I knew the photos would help fill in the gaps.

“Most of the photos I took were in a smaller e-mail and web page friendly format.  We had hoped to send daily reports back to our local site and they requested the smaller format.  That's how I managed to take so many.

“To get to the point, my local newspaper has a travel column they call “Where I've Been".  They invite anyone, who has a favorite vacation photo, to send it in with a brief description of their visit and what made it memorable.  I sent in mine and it is slated to be published August 20.

"This small accomplishment feels really big and fuels my enthusiasm."

Shannon T. Joined us in Paris this past May, and feels the same way we do....any one can gain valuable knowledge from our workshops.

"I would recommend this workshop to others because I feel anyone who wants to become a better photographer either for profit or for fun would benefit."

More Testimonials from Our Members…

"These workshops are a wonderful opportunity to travel to a new locale and explore while learning a new skill." - Sandra Manolescu

"I found this workshop helpful, informative and inspiring.  It was full of really good practical knowledge and information." - Clea French

"Shelly and Riley introduced me to photo business opportunities I didn't know existed." - Patricia Krakowski

"The workshop was fun. I learned a lot... I met interesting people and I became excited about trying to make money from photography.  The workshop is an excellent value and provides information that is difficult to acquire in other ways.  It was an excellent opportunity to try different kinds of photography." - Susan Hoffman

"Riley is very knowledgeable about his subject, with an easy going personality.  Patience is really a strong suit.  Working with total beginners like myself, he was always willing to help- and no question was too dumb.  I appreciated the computer help a lot - not my strong suit, and I am easily lost or frustrated.  Riley never showed anything but patience." - Sue Larson

"Shelly is a true professional with amazing talent in capturing people.  Her iStock experience is invaluable." - Cheryl Bigman

"I learned so much without feeling intimidated by the instructors.  Everyone was so easy to talk to and that helps people who are naturally shy." - Pam Watson

"Rich is GREAT!  Very knowledgeable due to his experience.  Very open to questions and very approachable.  Great sense of humor!!" - Cathy Metzinger

"Rich's knowledge and experience in photography as well as his sense of humor made his presentations valuable and appreciated."
- Angela Madden

"Enlightening and entertaining.  The workshop is hands-on and fun." - Matt Howard

"I learned more in three days than I have all year.  Between Thursday's photos shoot and Saturday's review - it is like night and day." - Lynda Igoudjil

"Shelly has unlimited knowledge and experiences in her field.  She's charming and fun to work with." - Keith Casey

"Rich is a kind and caring person; a true professional with excellent knowledge of photography." - Virginia A. (California)

"Rich has so much experience and is able to teach great techniques in a simple manner.Anyone can take great photos after listening to his presentations." - Gloria M. (California)

"David's presentations were excellent. He's very knowledgeable about how to market your photos, especially when it comes to niche markets, coffee shops, etc. He has a nice delivery and a great sense of humor." - Anne M.(Canada)

"Shelly Perry makes lighting and home studio work do-able.She is encouraging and offers suggestions that help you think of ways to improve your work." - Chere H. (Italy)

"It's easy to be enthusiastic and supportive of something you believe in, and I had a REALLY positive experience in Paris. I'll never forget it and will never stop appreciating it. Attending this particular workshop was on of the best decisions I've made for myself. It's turning out ot be truly life-changing!" -  Sue W., (California)

"The workshop was enjoyable and very informative. I think everyone would benefit from taking it, no matter what level of expertise they have." -  Nancy C., (Florida)

"Great way to travel! I attended the Ultimate Travel Photographer's Workshop in Washington, DC and was impressed with the preparation and organization of the class. Every day we were provided transportation to the most desirable photo locations and given plenty of time to roam and take our own photos. I had purchased my first digital camera just for this workshop. The first night's classroom session was particularly valuable in getting me started properly.

"I was so thrilled with what I learned and about the possibility of making money as a freelance photographer, that I also attended the next workshop in Nassau, Bahamas.

"The real opportunity of this class is learning from the pros in four days exactly what I need to do to earn money as a freelance photographer and to practice my skills in new locations and different conditions. It's also a real benefit to have the location scouted out and the transportation arranged. These workshops have become my own personal travel club."

-- Susan H., (Virginia)

“David is interesting and informative.  He has a very friendly demeanor, and a willingness to help by answering any questions we had.” -  Shannon T.

"Shelly is truly a pleasant individual with invaluable information on a developing trend in photography.  She also put a unique innovative slant on marketing." -  Virginia A., (California)

"When I open my eyes these days, somehow the world has changed.  Perhaps it is just my perception of reality that has been altered.  I have always believed I was on the verge of doing something amazing with my life, and now, with the encouragement Turn Your Pictures into Cash has given me, I believe that I will somehow achieve that feeling of greatness. 

At first I stuck a tentative toe into the editorial waters.  Now I am skipping through those waters believing that the photographs I take and the copy I write are as good as anyone else’s who is trying to break in to publication.  Even though I already knew most of what I have read in the course materials so far, I now believe that what I know is enough to be successful. What the course is doing for me is essentially giving me the push I need to submit my photographs. 

Since beginning the course a few months ago, I have had several photos published.  One of them was in a digital photo contest sponsored by the Columbus Dispatch.  My photo placed in the top ten out of 6,000 entries!  I received a great deal of attention due to that one photo—that one photo that I would not have entered if not for Turn Your Pictures into Cash. I had just finished reading the lesson that encouraged students of the program to enter contests.  When I got home from work the day my photo appeared in the paper, a message on my answering machine awaited me from the editor of the Columbus Metro Parks magazine requesting permission to use that photo in the spring issue of Parkscope.  I also had a fall color photo published through a lead in your newsletter for Tom Schueneman’s online travel newsletter.

I finally feel both competent and validated.  I attribute both of these feelings to the AWAI course and the constant stream of newsletters that inspire me to reach for what I deserve—Success."

--Debbie S.

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