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Dear Photographer,

 If you're anything like me, you'll be whipping out your camera a lot this time of year (for the holiday fireworks, for the picnics, for the visitors coming in from out of town). But just because you're snapping more shots, doesn't meaning you're taking better photographs.

That's where I can help. We've put together a collection of amazingly effective (plus easy) photography tips for you. Techniques that really work -- for shooting things like fireworks, family portraits, close-ups of the kids, summer action shots, and more.

I'll give you all the details in a minute.

But first, let me back up and tell you about the summer shot that inspired all this…


You see, it all started when photographer Rich Wagner told me about the summer that he took a photo of the river that flows a few miles from his home -- and sold it for $695… and then sold it again… and then again…

He made enough from that one summer shot to more than pay for a winter getaway…

"At the time I shot it," Rich told me, "the bridge was under construction. I walked around a barrier to get to the center of the span while workmen were yelling at me to 'get the hell out of there.' I actually wanted to wait for the canoe to get out of the shot, but the workmen were coming after me, so I shot it and ran. In retrospect, it's the people that make it an interesting shot.

"I've had it published full page in a travel magazine; sold it as fine art many times in many sizes; had it used to publicize a road race in Runner's World; and have sold it for use on the web to local merchants and the volunteer fire department.

"The people in the shot actually recognized themselves and had me print Christmas cards for them. All told, it's brought in about $5,000 to $6,000."

Here's the thing… you can easily do what Rich did.

You just need to learn a few important tips and techniques. You don't need to be highly trained or have expensive equipment. (And you don't have to aggravate any construction workers, either.)

In fact, that's why we put The Ultimate Summer Photo Guide together -- to hand you the insider's guidance you need to turn a summer's worth of memorable moments into not only great photos -- but cash in your pocket, too.


This collection of easy-to-follow tips and techniques was compiled by our staff and edited by Shelly Perry, a professional photographer adept at selling photographs of simple household items like curtains, apples, record players, and even her pet goldfish.

And that's something else you'll learn in The Ultimate Summer Photo Guide -- how to take pictures of everyday summer fun that can easily earn you $150 - $500 each.

… like shots that capture the spirit of the 4th of July -- the kids in a neighborhood parade, people waving flags…

… or say you're at a family barbecue… take a shot of your husband flipping burgers on the grill, or of the kids holding hands, skipping in the yard together -- done right, those pictures of everyday summer fun can produce not just great memories… but paychecks, too.

… or maybe you'll be taking a trip to the beach. Capture the joy on your child's face as she plays and splashes in the water around her…

… or at the next little-league game, capture a shot of your son diving for home base… the coach encouraging his players… parents cheering… the explosion of joy when the team wins… and even the disappointment in the team that loses…

Any of those could be profitable shots.

Just the daily activities of summer could prove lucrative -- a picture of your child riding a bicycle past a neighbor's front garden… your dog catching a frisbee… your daughter leaping off the diving board… or your husband and son walking together… these are all money-making photo opportunities.

And you can learn how to take advantage of all of them. It's easy, once you know the tips and techniques the pros use.

In The Ultimate Summer Photo Guide: 70 Easy Tips for Taking Amazing Photographs this Summer, you'll discover…


In this nine-chapter report, you'll find quick, easy-to-learn tips that reveal how to:


As I mentioned before, these tips are from true professionals. One of these pros, Rich Wagner, provides such great tips, that even someone who takes horrible pictures can quickly learn to take amazing photos.

Just listen to this note that I received from a fellow reader, Gary Scott:

"I am (or was) the world's worst photographer… really… by a mile. Once I nearly lost a great friendship just by agreeing to shoot the pictures for a friend's wedding. That's how bad I was.

Sure I had a camera, but I kept it hidden, in the back of the closet, as far out of my sight as I could.

Then in San Antonio I had time to attend just part of one of Rich Wagner's photography sessions. Three simple things I learned had a profound impact on my shots and my newsletter readers have noticed. I actually get raves from them about my pictures (even more so recently then I do about what I write)!"

I love hearing feedback like that. Because it's proof that you don't have to spend a lifetime learning this stuff.

In fact, you can spend just an hour with The Ultimate Summer Photo Guide, and you'll know more about taking excellent, saleable photos this summer than you ever thought possible.

Get your copy today, and in no time at all, taking professional-quality shots will feel like second nature to you.

You're going to love it. And, with your special report, The Ultimate Summer Photo Guide, you'll produce tons of great, saleable summer shots.

In fact, you could even do it before the end of today. Because The Ultimate Summer Photo Guide is downloadable. And so the minute you take advantage of this offer, you can have access to this report. Spend fifteen minutes, maybe an hour reading through the tips. And then step outside with your camera in hand.

These tips will amaze you, in terms of how fast they'll have you taking saleable shots. Shots so good, the pros in your hometown may get a little green with envy!

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Wishing you profitable summer pictures,

Lori Allen
Director, AWAI's Travel Division

P.S. Gloria, a fellow reader, took us up on our offer to get a copy of the Summer Photo Guide. Read what Gloria wrote to us….

"Just thought I'd share another little success with you. Since I took you up on your offer to sign up for the photo class and got the Photo Guide I studied the fireworks instructions very carefully. Then I went out and shot about 100 photos of the local show. I uploaded six to my stock account -- they accepted four of them. I actually sold a download of one of them yesterday!"

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