DC Day 2: Take More Gross Photos...

How many images do you have on your computer or camera right now that include pleasant, happy subjects or smiling faces? Probably a good amount.

Now, how many images do you have that include disgusting, upsetting subjects or unhappy faces? Probably a lot less…

Allison, your Ultimate Stock Photography Workshop spy, here again to share with you one of my favorite tips from today: take more gross pictures.

This afternoon, graphic designer Lori Haller gave a presentation on what kinds of stock images she needs and uses right now.

She showed us an example of one brochure that she designed to sell a pill that freshens breath. Given that bad breath isn’t the most appealing condition, each page included images that weren’t very pretty --  a woman pinching her nose against a foul smell… a man sticking his tongue out to the camera… and a pair of yellow teeth.

Lori explained that graphic designers need unattractive images like this in addition to pleasing ones because everyday life isn’t always pretty.

Different subjects and expressions evoke distinct moods, and in the world of advertising and stock photography, all moods are in demand.

So next time you go out shooting, try photographing a variety of situations and moods.  Get the happy photos.  But get the gross ones, too.  It will expand your portfolio and will be a lot of fun to shoot.

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