4 responses to “Thailand Dispatch #4: Ready... Set... Wait”

  1. Harish Luther

    Hi there,
    Really impressed with the idea of "Ready, Set, Wait". I will remember it always. Fantastic tip.
    Thanks for it.
    Harish Luther

  2. Sharon Berg

    Thanks for showing all the pictures in connection with the drummer. It is encouraging to see those who are looked up to to be willing to show their not-so-great images, along with the one that turned out excellent. I appreciate your honesty. Sharon Berg

  3. MAry Alice Murphy

    I did precisely that at the Red Paint Powwow here in Silver City, NM, yesterday afternoon. I would pick out a dancer I wanted to photograph, and I would stick with him or her until I got the shot (or thought I did). Plenty didn't work, but I always get great photos as a result of Ready...Set...Wait

  4. Ji,

    Great images. My site has only been up about 3 months now. Still in it's infancy. I have been to the Philippines and hope to return soon. Never been to Thailand though. I use a wheel chair and managed quite well in the Philippines but not certain about Thailand. When I return to the Philippines I want to go all out on my Photography. I am open to all your ideas and opinions. Thanks~Jim

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