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27 responses to “Thank you for your order!”

  1. Peggy

    I'm giving this to my best friend for Christmas. He takes some wonderful pictures and I'd like to see him make a little money off of them.

  2. Arthur Porcher

    Hi y'all .. really looking forward to getting started! Especially on my current budget that I'm stretching with even this order .. but hopefully not for too long. I have already put a number of photos' aside. So Mērcí and I'm sure you will keep me informed of similar products that will fit my currently meager budget. I am really excited. I'm 58 .. functionally disabled for most work and my last name (Charleston French Huguenot) is pronounced "porshay"

    Thanks again,

    Arthur Gignilliat Porcher III

  3. Steve Danielson

    My first goal is to earn enough income with this program to purchase my new digital SLR camera, the Nikon D90. It will fit nicely along with my Nikon N8008 film SLR camera. For now, I have that and a point and shoot digital camera.

  4. suzy weis-osman

    I am excited to start this program because I have so many great photos that I don't know what to do with and I have done Hair and make-up on stock photos for major players in the past, check resume on my web site. I am looking forward to earning enough to travel some day. I will let you know how I am doing before your set 30 day buyer's remorse. Thank you, Suzy Weis-Osman

  5. david adkins in hawaii

    im getting this program to try and help pay for all my traveling i plan on doing as soon as i retire,, in 3 months from now,, will keep you posted.. thanks for a great hobby plus a little extra money

  6. Ted N

    Love to take pictures, just hope I can make a few bucks doing it.

  7. Beverly Shook

    I am excited for the doors / opportunities this is going to open for me. I have been taking pictures for years and have a great portfolio for selling stock photos. I like to travel and shoot scenery whenever I am out. I have photographed and written for a small community newspaper. I am ready to get serious and make some money. I have the tools, I just needed the avenue.

  8. Nicole

    Just got the Canon Rebel T3i and taking a course on how to use it. Hopefully combined together my new camera and your great tips will get me started in Stock Photography!! Maybe I can sell some pics I already have!!

  9. Patrick Bruno

    I amexceited for this program. My wife and I have planned many small get-aways and have thousands of pictures to share. I am looking forward to making some additoinal money for what we love...

  10. Janet Josvai

    Very excited to be part of this! I have a website that has been sadly neglected since Nov. when I ran out of savings and had to return to full time traditional employment. Dang! Plan on getting back to my website development and am working on future dreams hoping to make photography a part of them.

  11. Marc Osborn

    I just signed up. I am very excited to learn more about selling my pictures as I have just returned from a few great vacations!

    I also have what I believe is the most beautiful Dog! She should be in advertising.

    I am ready to really put my heart into this.


  12. Michael

    I'm excited to get started.. My company just purchased the Canon 60D and I hope to make enough money to pay for the workshop April 26th -28th in Phoenix so I can really learn the ins and outs of photography. Hope to see you all in April.

  13. Debbi Makela

    Although I've never taken any courses, I've enjoyed photography for years. Everyone at work keeps telling me I should do it for a living, so I am very excited to take this course. To be able to make a living doing something you love would be the ultimate!

  14. Donna

    Success is 99% perspiration so here is hoping that this program will assist me with my efforts (perspiration) to become a published photographer.

  15. Dianna B. Suratt

    My husband recently upgraded me to a D7000 & 300 lens in recent months. I'm so grateful and want to master my equipment, photography skills & PhotoShop Elements skills to help contribute to our retirement income thru my photography.

    I truly love capturing the beauty of Nature, the thrill of watersports, and the joy of happy people. I need to photo more expertly & creatively, edit less, better & quicker. And, I need to regain the confidence I once had in sucessfully marketing desirable goods, Friendly interacting with strangers and award winning sales to repeat customers.

    I have my work cut out for me and would appreciate your products, help and encouragement.

  16. Ken Gregson

    This opportunity to 'taste' the chance of making extra income is most welcome...even if I can just make enough to eat properly again. I am a senior citizen barely surviving on $850 monthly! I assure you that I shall give this all I can. Thank you for this chance.

  17. Rachel

    I love taking pictures, I heard about stock photography ,wanted to try it out, just purchased the program, wish me the best.

  18. Regina

    As I take the leap into the depths of this new adventure in Phoenix, my quest is to emerge with the confidence and knowledge to support a dream retirement income while traveling the globe. No expensive camera in hand or experience in marketing my photographs, yet I find myself drawn to this opportunity enough to fund the course, reserve the flight and take the first step into my future. By learning how to pay this trip off with photos and write of my experiences future travel writers will leap and emerge as I have with full anticipation to live their lives as they dream them.

  19. Rene

    Well I did it... pushed the "submit payment now" button...I've been unemployed for over a year now, have one term left in a composite program at a community college. Needless to say this has been one hellof a year....oh yes...and I'm going to be 52 this summer.. I just bought a new battery for my camera (has been laying around since 2010), purchased a laptop, but most of all my courage to do this was confirmed by receiving some writing from my grade school years that confirm that I am a good writer (which I've known all along) and have amazing talent. I wish all of you that have purchased this program the best...I'm going to make that dream of my retiring on a beach come true!!

  20. David Nelson

    I love adventure and a challenge.Looking forward to putting this information to good use to help fund my burning desire to start my new life traveling outside the ole USA..Look out world,here I come!

  21. Nancy Beck

    Although I have never considered myself a (professional) photographer, I have always imagined travel and photography in my "perfect" retirement scenario. My idea of retirement has never been a sit and do-nothing life. My dream retirement is to be able to do the things I love to do and what will bring me happiness! The added benefit of a supplemental income brings to mind an unexpected excitement. The timing is perfect and the cost of your information as you present it is, I believe, very reasonable. I can't wait to get started. I would never have dreamed I would be embarking on a new and totally different path at my age! This is what life really should be about...

  22. Charlene

    I too have just hit the submit button after having decided to spend even just one hour a day doing something that gives me pleasure---using my camera. I want to learn to take better photos and am looking forward to selling that first stock image, creating a new income stream for my retirement and joining the ranks of those who are dreaming of becoming a real photographer!

  23. Kathy

    Traveling opens our lives to the new and different. I am grateful to learn the photographic tips so to share my travel encounters with others.

  24. Duncan

    I look forward to receiving your information package and getting started this summer. Once I receive the information I intend to start ASAP. My first trip will be in July.
    Thank-you for your future help.

  25. Nora McKell

    I am retired but look at this endeavor as starting life over. How exciting to see the world through a professional (to become) lens. Once I learn that which your program teaches, I will buy a great camera for the fun of my new life time.


  26. Jo

    I've seen this course advertised many times on the AWAI site and forums. I've enjoyed photography in years past as a way to record moments, places, and people, so I thought now was the right time to purchase it. I was laid off my job and unemployed for nearly 2 years, and finally found a "sort-of job", a few months ago. Nothing to write home about, just something to keep the wolf from the door. Since I just turned 64 yrs. of age, I find it highly unlikely anyone will employ me in a traditional job. I've always loved travel, and had a dream many years ago of traveling, writing, and photographing my way around the world. I may be a wee bit slower physically now than those many decades ago, but have no less enthusiasm! I also have the travel writing course, and a new goal to pursue an old dream! I am going to make enough money with stock photography to buy those airline tickets and get out of Dodge!

  27. mary vest

    I too am looking long term to retire on the beach. I am hoping this is the answer to publishing some photos that I already have and to enjoying my just working it away.