The best day of my life at the Thailand lantern festival

When I met Dan Driscoll, one of our Chiang Mai photography expedition attendees, at breakfast this morning, he said that yesterday might not have been the best day of his life but it was at least good enough that he has to debate it.

I couldn’t agree more.  Yesterday at Patara Elephant Farm was magical.  Something I’ll never forget. And something I hope to share with my kids some day when they’re old enough to ride and care for a Thai elephant.

And tonight at the Yi Peng flying lantern festival?  Tonight was SPECTACULAR!!  It’s 1:00 in the morning and I’m still on an adrenaline high from what we just witnessed tonight.  I was worried nothing could beat our experience with the elephants yesterday but tonight was amazing.  Several of us cried.  It was so beautiful.

Here are a few of our photos from the Thailand lantern festival… (even the blurry ones will go in our scrapbooks among our favorites.  We took so many it was hard to go through them all in time to write this note)…

The top two are mine followed by several attendees’ shots too.

Patricia Palmer

Linda Engelsiepen

Tomorrow, after we’ve had some sleep, we’re off to a Thai cooking class and Daniel has already given us some advice for taking better pictures of food.  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you what he said.

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