6 responses to “The Secret to Selling Pet Photos as Stock”

  1. AD

    Good composition, happy subject. Lesson to us all.

  2. Larry M. Lynch

    If your dog is a long hair breed and its collar doesn't show clearly, you might consider using a larger or wider collar when doing a photo session. More non-traditional or legal exotic pets in photos must clearly be in a happy, positive setting and not be stressed or in hazardous (for them) conditions of any type. I typically also send a signed release stating that the animal was not endangered, mistreated or harmed in any way before, during and after the photo shoot. This seems to soothe many cautious editors, although not always. Be especially mindful of stock photos depicting animals on the endangered species list.

  3. Sharon Berg

    jThanks for mentioning the collar. Who would have thought! Sharon Berg

  4. carole england snowden

    What a wonderful photo, will have to search my photos

  5. Vernita

    I am intersted in pet photography,where do you go to sell the stock photos for pets?

    1. Allison Maryan

      All stock photography agencies accept photos of pets.

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