This year, PLAN to achieve goals

There’s a reason yoga is popular. It feels so good! Even after a short, 30-minute session, I feel healthy, alive, and completely relaxed.

But do I do yoga regularly? No.

I used to think I needed motivation. But new research suggests that it’s not motivation that makes you act. It’s something much simpler...

What makes you ACT on your goals is having a plan.

If you write down exactly where and when you’re going to do yoga... you’re much more likely to do it. It’s that simple.

This year, I want to take and upload more photos to my stock agencies and make more money with my photography than ever before. And I want you to join me by becoming a Member of our Breakfast Stock Club.

Success in stock photography is not going to happen by watching tutorials, brainstorming, or getting “inspired.” While those things will definitely point us in the right direction, what’s really going to make it happen is having a plan and showing up.

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