5 responses to “Three Local Photos You Can Sell as Stock Photography”

  1. Steve Danielson

    Beautiful picture of the tulips!! But how did you get a pure white background??

    1. Aimée Fawn

      I would also like to know how you created the white background that was accepted.
      Thanks Bonnie!

  2. Ray Jones, (Australia.)

    Hi Bonnie,

    Don't forget to take your "floaties" & "life Jacket".

    Have fun in Thailand.

    Raymond Jones.

  3. Gayla

    How did you get a pure white background behind out of doors tulips, is my question, too. Please answer. Thanks,

  4. Steve Heap

    100% agree that local images can sell well, especially if you live somewhere reasonably newsworthy. I'm lucky to live close to Washington DC and so there is always demand for images of that city, but the same applies to any large city - especially if it is a tourist destination as well. I find that my images of the cherry blossoms in Washington are always in demand (especially over the next few months as magazines put their articles together about that annual event. Pictures of the Capitol are always in the news as well. So, don't take your local area for granted. There probably are not that many stock photographers in your neighborhood, so you should be able to get more and better shots than someone who just visits for a few days!

    Shutterstock now has a neat collections feature that shows you how much a set of images has earned. It tells me that my Washington pictures have been downloaded 1031 times for $763 in earnings!


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