Now you can ensure you’ll get
the best possible picture every time with our easy-to-use,
pocket-sized Photo Tip Cards.

People, sports, waterfalls, beaches, sunsets —
whatever you're shooting, just grab that card
and it'll tell you which camera settings to use,
what to look for, and how to get the best images.

Dear Reader,

You've heard me talk about Rich Wagner before, right? He's our resident photo expert here at Great Escape Publishing and he’s been shooting photos professionally for more than 30 years now.

On every photo adventure we've taken with Rich -- to Paris, Charleston, Greece...

...a workshop participant inevitably asks him, pointing into the distance, “Rich, what's the best way to take a picture of that?”

Rich, nice guy that he is, always shows the person what camera settings to use for that situation and gives a few pointers for getting a good shot. And guess what? The pictures turn out beautifully. Professional-quality shots you could sell.

Well, that started us thinking: What could we do to help people when Rich isn't there to look over their shoulders? Could we write down the tips he always shares -- create little cheat sheets?

We wanted something you could just grab on the way out the door or keep in your camera bag without taking up too much room. Shooting a sunset? Pull out the sunset card. Taking photos at night? Grab the night card. Going to your kid's soccer game? Pick up the sports card.

We liked this idea so much… we decided to make it happen. And thus, Great Escape Publishing's exclusive Photo Tip Cards were born!

Not to be immodest -- but they are really, really cool.

The cards are small enough to slide into your pocket, but we made sure the type is large enough to read.

We added a little more meat by including tips from the pros on what it takes to make an image not only better… but more saleable too.

And we laminated them. So they're sturdy. They won't disintegrate in a rain storm… fade in the sun nor get bent in your camera bag.

A Mini Rich Wagner in Your Pocket

Why? Because sometimes you need one little question answered -- right then – and no one’s around to help you. And that's where these Photo Tip Cards come in. They answer those pressing questions and they'll have you taking better pictures -- instantly.

Having your own copy of these Photo Tip Cards is like having an expert at your fingertips giving you a head start on a new lifestyle of travel, fun, and paychecks.

I'll tell you more about them in a minute. But first, I want to share with you a story Rich told me once…

You’ll Be Glad You “Cheated” for that $6,000 Shot!

Front of Card
Front of Card

It's a story about the time he took a photo from a bridge of some people canoeing in the river that flows a few miles from his home -- and sold it for $695... and then sold it again... and again...

He made enough from that one shot to more than pay for a winter getaway...

"At the time I shot it," Rich told me, "the bridge was under construction. I walked around a barrier to get to the center of the span while workmen were yelling at me to 'get the hell out of there!' so I shot it and ran.

"I've had it published full page in a travel magazine, sold it as fine art many times in many sizes, had it used to publicize a road race in Runner's World, and have sold it for use on the web to local merchants and the volunteer fire department.

"The people in the shot actually recognized themselves and had me print Christmas cards for them. All told, it's brought in about $5,000 to $6,000."

And here's the thing... you can easily do what Rich did, especially now that you can “cheat.”

You see, most of us need a few tries to get a shot right -- if we ever get it looking professional. And if we spend our time fumbling through an instruction manual, forget it. The opportunity is gone... the canoe floats around a bend.

But Rich knew exactly how to get the shot -- he knew what it takes to snap pro photos of running water -- like what speed setting he needed, which lens to use, and how to cut down on glare off the water.

With the Photo Tip Cards, you can do the same thing -- fast. All you have to do is look at your running water tip card, and you, too, can take a saleable picture -- immediately! It hardly matters what camera you have or your experience level.

You don't need to be highly trained or have expensive equipment to continually bring in paycheck after paycheck for photos you took days, months, even years ago.

You just need to know a few important tips and techniques -- or at least have them handy when you need them.

That's the beauty of the Photo Tip Cards...

Just imagine if you could put a pro like Rich in your pocket so you could ask him how to make the most of every shot every time -- so you'd have professional, saleable pictures whenever your camera's shutter clicks.

Well, that's exactly why we put the Photo Tip Cards together -- so you can let a professional “call the shots,” so to speak, turning your memorable moments into great photos -- and a lucrative sideline, too.

A Goldmine in Your Hip Pocket

Back of Card
Back of Card

BIG HINT: Start taking your camera with you everywhere you go and stick the Photo Tip Cards in your pocket so they'll be handy.

With the Photo Tip Cards, you can start taking amazing pictures of people you know and everyday things -- you'll be surprised by what kinds of photos can easily fetch $150 to $200 each!

It's like carrying your own personal goldmine in your hip pocket! Your family and friends will think you've been practicing for years!

Here's just a few things you'll always have at hand, once you're carrying your own set of our exclusive Photo Tip Cards...

And more.

These Photo Tip Cards are filled with practical, easy-to-follow advice including which techniques work best and which to avoid.

They’re all tips we've shared at our photography workshops…and used ourselves when we’re out shooting photographs.

And now, they can be yours to put to use every time you take your camera out.

You won’t want to take another photo trip until you've had a chance to check them out.

Reserve your set today.

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. And here’s what one satisfied photographer had to say about the Photo Tip Cards -- “I was in Charleston for the photo class last week - it was a wonderful experience! I wanted to let you know that I just had a chance to really look at the Photo Tip Cards you gave out at the class - I LOVE them! They're just what I needed to help me get started trying to figure out what exposure settings I need for various situations. From now on, I won't leave home without them - they will always be in my bag.” – Sue L.

With the Photo Tip Cards, taking great photos is a breeze.

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