Photos That Sell Well In Different Markets

To start making money with photography, it's important to know the types of photos that sell in each market. I'll highlight some popular themes below, but first, here's a little test:

Which of these three photos do you think is a big seller?

If you answered the lightning photo, then you’re right. This photograph has earned one of our readers $8,000.

But if you answered the river photo, you’re also right. Pictures of local spaces that mean a lot to the people who live nearby are great sellers, too.  This one has earned its creator more than $10,000.

And heck, if you chose the picture of the young men, you’re still right. This photo was taken at one of our live events in Austin, Texas and it has sold over 900 times on iStock, too, because pictures of people sell very well.

Pictures of local scenes, birthday parties, family get-togethers, hikes and camping trips, your kids, your grandkids, your pets, your backyard, your kitchen table, even your travels or the texture of your driveway are all saleable.

When you’re looking to sell local photographs, consider taking pictures of the following…

  • Churches
  • Main street
  • Local restaurants and shops
  • Community fairs
  • The local town hall
  • Scenic compositions of bridges, mountains, historic buildings, parks
  • The cemetery

Or if you’re interested in stock photography, here’s an inside tip on photos currently on request at

  • Couple in the city
  •  Residential homes with metal roofs
  • Diabetes related images

Don’t have any of these pictures? No problem. These subjects are always on high demand:

  •  People in business suits
  •  Multi-ethnic groups
  • Seasonal photos -- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Valentine’s Day
  • Hobbies -- golf, knitting, swimming, biking, scrapbooking, fishing, reading, sunbathing...

You'll find there's a theme that will suit, no matter what your interests are. Have fun!

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