Turn Your Family into Cash (Without Selling the Kids)

Which of these family members is the most lucrative to photograph: your niece, your nephew, or your mother?

The answer?

Well, you can't be certain this will always hold true. But for professional photographer Shelly Perry, it's her niece.  This picture has sold over 500 times on istockphoto.com:

And this photo with her niece and nephew together isn't too far behind, with close to 300 sales:

So what does that tell you?

People sell. People doing everyday things like laughing, hugging, and shaking hands.  And they don't have to be model-perfect people either.  In all likelihood, you have right there in your family the makings of some fast cash (and you don't have to sell your children to get it).

Plus don't forget your pets.  Shelly's pet goldfish is certainly earning his keep.  This photo has sold almost 80 times:

Next, we'll send you an article from Shelly on the difference between traditional print stock agencies and the new online stock agencies… and how you can use them to your best advantage.

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