Turn Your Pictures Into Cash

Turn your pictures into cash. Learn about more than a dozen ways you can start selling your photos.Can’t wait to get started selling your photos?  Scroll below for more information on our Turn Your Pictures into Cash program, which will introduce you to 12 different photo markets and the fastest ways you can earn money in each…

The World–and Your Hometown–is Jam-Packed with Opportunities to Profit from Your Photographs

Photo opportunities exist everywhere. On the roadside... at work... while talking with friends... in your backyard... a nearby zoo... special events... festivals... sporting events... pie-eating contests… and more...

Just take a look around you – at magazines, newspapers, books, trade journals, technical manuals, and almost any published material. Look at the cover and flip through the pages. What do you see? Photographs.

Someone has to take those pictures. Why not you?

It’s easier to break into this field than you may think. Perhaps you’ve heard, “It takes many years of knocking on doors before you can become an established photographic contributor.” Or, “You must pay your dues.”

You see, even though a lot of professional photographers went through the system knocking on doors and paying their dues, had they known a very basic fact, they could have saved themselves years of struggling and broken into the profitable business of taking saleable photographs much, much sooner.

In Turn Your Pictures into Cash, we have simplified the process so you can start taking salable photographs within days, even if you only have a simple point-and-shoot camera.

If you’re at all interested in learning how to supplement your income, get your travel funded, and take truly breathtaking photographs that sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, Turn Your Pictures into Cash is a great place to start your new, lucrative hobby.

Use this program and you’ll start taking salable photographs within a month, even if all you can do is turn your camera on and set it to "automatic."

You see, in Turn Your Pictures into Cash we have compiled the secrets gathered from a cadre of successful, globe-trotting photographers.

Among them is Rich Wagner. One of his best-kept secrets is that people love hometown photography. And they’ll pay a lot of money for it.

Turn Your Hometown into a $700/Day GOLDMINE

Rich sells photographs of his hometown in Connecticut for $400-$700 a piece. Who buys them? The very same people who live in that very same hometown.

In fact, it’s such a smart way to sell photographs… there’s really no excuse for NOT getting published or making money with hometown shots. Just listen to this:

Judy Dubois just cashed her first check for $350 for an article and the four photographs she sent with it. Photos she took close to home.

In Turn Your Pictures into Cash, you’ll learn how to sell locally, so you can easily make $400-$700 from a single shot. If you sell just one a day, that's $2,000-$3,500 a week!

“As an editor, I always appreciate a writer who submits a great article package – a well written article with compelling photographs. I’ll always be happy to pay for their work because they make my work that much easier!” -- Tom Schueneman, Editor/ Publisher of The Traveler

“I just got 450 euros ($562) for a 1,400 word piece on Edinburgh PLUS another 300 euros ($375) for the six photos I sent in with it. Not a bad haul for an amateur snapper.”– Steenie Harvey, Freelance Travel

Click here to get started today with Turn Your Pictures into Cash for just $45. We'll send you your initial installment and start-up materials immediately. After that, you'll be billed just $35 per month for the eleven monthly installments that follow.

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