Right now fellow readers are earning as much as “$1,000 a minute" to simply press the “record” button on hotel rooms, resorts, and local attractions…

All while you travel the world, relaxing on the sun drenched beaches of the Mexican Riviera… wandering the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam… or marveling at the beauty of the sacred sites of Machu Picchu…

Here’s how…

Dear reader,

Could you create short, simple videos on your smartphone or camera?…

If yes, you should know there are companies out there willing to pay you for 3-4 minute videos of resorts’ pools, rooms, and restaurants… vibrant bustling streets and local attractions… or the wildlife in a national park…

They may not look like much, but simple videos like these can be worth up to $1,000 per minute.

Or instead of cash, you can trade them for free perks like fancy meals, private guided tours and vacations around the world.

Maybe you’d like a fully-comped romantic weekend getaway at a top-end resort next to Mexico’s beautiful Sea of Cortez.

Or perhaps you prefer adventure travel… like an African safari or a Costa Rica jungle tour, yours at no charge.

These are all trips the people I’m going to introduce to you in a minute have taken in exchange for videos. And some of them were paid as much as $4,000 per video.

It’s a great way to expand your travel budget or supplement your retirement income.

But it’s also a nice way to get outside more. Really see a new destination with purpose – when you’re paid to be there and create little videos of all the fun things you see and do.

$70,000 a Year Working Part-Time!

I had never heard of this opportunity until a few years ago when I met videographer Tom Reissmann.

When he showed me what he was doing with quick 30-second to 4-minute videos, I was shocked at just how much money he’s making doing this.

He started at $30,000 - $40,000 working part-time.

In the beginning, it was mostly a way for him to take paid-for trips to places like Egypt. But over the years he’s grown his video income to $60,000 - $70,000 a year. And he’s still working part-time.

He takes three months off a year to rest and relax wherever he wants – Australia… the Canary Islands… Europe.

And he lives anywhere he wants to, too.

He’ll also tell you that he enjoys life even while he’s working because he’s basically paid to do things other travelers pay a fortune to experience.

He’s been to Africa and Australia… all over Europe, and New Zealand. He was recently in Canada recording short videos of winter sports and Canada’s amazing National Parks.

Most of his videos are in the three to five minute range, but some are as short as 30 seconds.

And it’s actually pretty easy.

Here’s What You Already Have…

People think “video” and they think production crews and models. They think fancy equipment and lights.

But all you actually need to do this is your phone or the video function on the camera you take with you on vacation.

If you can click the shutter and take a still photograph, you can click the video button and create a video -- it really is that simple.

Once you get the hang of it, you can use these videos to barter your way around the world and work your way up to bigger paychecks like Tom.

And lots of other travelers are doing this, too. I know because Tom created a course on how to do this and I published it.

My name is Lori Allen and I’m the Director of Great Escape Publishing.

For the last 13 years I’ve been profiling opportunities like this one for people who want to travel and see more of the world. And this opportunity is one of my favorites.

I write and research all kinds of fun ways to explore the world, but this one takes the cake because of its ease of entry and the minimal amount of equipment you need to get started.

You can literally decide to start today, practice at home with short clips of the trees rustling in the wind, wind chimes swinging on your porch, or the rooms in your own house, and be ready for your first project by the end of the month.

Test the waters on a restaurant or a bed and breakfast near you and you’ll be hooked. That’s how fun it is. And I bet you’ll never go back to traveling any other way. Certainly not after you get a taste for how much you can make from these videos -- even as a beginner.

The Most Fun You’ll Have
While Earning a Living…

And what a fun way to earn a living! A few years back, when I met Tom he told me he was living on permanent vacation.

That’s what he called it because he enjoys it so much.

“I have been a travel videographer for about four years now, and I have gone on Safaris in the Selous and the Masai Mara, a self-drive vacation along the Garden Route, visited Wildlife Reserves at Kruger, climbed Kilimanjaro, trekked the Atlas Mountains, did Yoga in Italy, walked in the Andalucian Mountains in Spain, sailed the Ionian Sea, stayed on mythical Ithaca, visited the Pyramids, and skippered down the Nile.

Since moving to Australia, I have stayed in eco-resorts on Fraser Island, gone on 4WD camping trips in Tasmania, visited the most Northern tip of the continent, ridden in a helicopter, gone ballooning and swimming with dolphins, and have had countless other incredible experiences that I will never forget.

I have gone on so many vacations that it would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars had I paid for them myself, but instead I got paid to go and do what I love to do, which is to film. I have literally been on vacation for the last four years.” – Tom Reissmann

He makes these clips and then strings them together into $2,000 and $4,000 videos. His best clients pay him $8,000 or more.

And even today, after working with him for four or more years now, he says the market is wide open.

Your “Get Paid to Travel” Plan

More experienced folks take on the highest paying clients. And folks like you who are just starting have all the smaller tour companies, hotels and mom and pop shops to cut their teeth on.

A lot of hotels and businesses can’t afford the big guys. And you need some experience so it’s the perfect match.

It’s how you can get from the Mexican Riviera to the Panama Canal. The Dead Sea to The Indian Ocean. Wherever you want to go, this can get you there.

And destinations are often happy to foot the bill in exchange for your videos. After you get a few of those “bartering” videos under your belt, you can start charging for them, too.

Hotels around the world want videos of their rooms, pool, and restaurant for their websites.

Tourism boards want videos of their attractions.

Online magazines want videos to go with their travel articles.

There is a huge demand from destinations all over the world and this opportunity is as hot as ever.

And let’s face it, this opportunity to video your way around the world isn’t really about creating travel videos you can sell. It’s more about the intangible benefits like:

You basically need three things:

Folks who have tried this Tom’s way
absolutely love it.

Here’s what they’ve told me...

Global nomad Elizabeth Coughlan wrote in to say:

"When I retired after 40 years of teaching in international schools around the world, I knew I would have to find something else to allow me to continue traveling. By chance, I happened on the Great Escape website that mentioned photography as a way to travel the world. I thought I would look into it, never realizing it would change my life forever!

My main focus these past few years has been photography, but then at Lori’s suggestion, I tried creating videos, too.

And now, thanks to Tom’s sales plans and how-to guides I now have videos selling with stock agencies, and recently I was hired as a videographer for a tour group going to the Hidrellez Romany Spring Festival, in Edirne Turkey.

What's not to love about my life? I am traveling the world as a global nomad, and at 73 years of age, I would say that is not bad at all!"

Sophie Parmantier told me she now makes anywhere from $300 to $1,000 on each of her travel videos.

She says “I take half a day to shoot the entire hotel, piece by piece, and make each video dedicated to a specific part of the hotel – the rooms, the spa, the pool, the tennis courts, etc. These little clips are easier to sell because they’re cheaper. They’re also a great way to approach clients who might want a full video once they’ve seen what I can do with these little bite-sized chunks. I can make a quick $300 with just a few hours of work and hopefully convince them to buy a bigger video which is nothing more than these small ones stitched together for something more like $1,000.“

And Melanie Wood wrote to me and said she put Tom’s advice to good use, tapping into this market to fund her travel with videos.

“For my last adventure, a trip to Peru, I was comped about $3,000 toward my trip because I photographed and took videos of our group doing ceremonies and visiting sacred sites in gorgeous landscapes. The outfitter featured these on her website.

Videography appeals to me because it shows a more intimate relationship between people and place than a still photograph. It is also surprisingly easy to do with a camera or iPhone. I’m doing a lot of videography now when I travel!”

Adding your personal adventure and profit story to this group isn’t difficult.

After all, the videos you’re creating aren’t fancy, over-the-top productions. And everybody wants them.

And if you’re willing to shoot short
30-second to four-minute video clips
from your travels, the travel market is BIG!

Studies have shown it’s in a hotel’s best interest to add videos to their website.

And the #1 thing guests want a video of?

The rooms! 57% of visitors want to see a video of the rooms first.

Do you think you could hold your camera and circle it around a hotel room?

Maybe get a moving shot of walking into the room… a quick peek into the bathroom, circle around the sleeping area and show off the view?

The kind of videos I’m talking about here are very simple to shoot on your own. You just need a little advice and some simple tricks and techniques to make them look professional.

Tom has just returned from shooting video in Canada.

He had a great adventure taking a boat down the cool Canada waters and getting up close and personal with the bears.

And when he got back, he sold one of the short videos he took there for a handy $800.

Can you do this?

Of course you can. And, if you choose to learn from Tom, he’ll tell you exactly what equipment to buy, where you can find great music for your videos, and how you can get into your video, too.

The extra equipment’s not expensive – maybe $70 to $100 – and you can layer in the music with a click of a button.

So who will buy it?

Well, it’s not just hotels and attractions who want videos.

Start Local…

Tour companies, non profits, manufacturing plants and real estate agents want video, too.

And actually, the real estate market is huge in and of itself.

Real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

It’s such a good market that one of the experts we feature regularly charges anywhere from $200 to $5,000 for his real estate videos.

He, too, is only working part-time and making a full-time income.

And remember, local businesses want videos for their Facebook and social media pages, too.

Companies all over the world are happy to pay for these – and it’s not that hard to create them and travel your way around the world.

Every business on the planet should know…

So even at the basic $100 a minute rate, businesses know they get a great return by hiring you… and it’s very simple to break in to this market, even as a beginner.

Armed with a little insider know-how, you can be the one to provide hotels, resorts, and businesses, with what they need.

For them, a short video is a clever investment. For you – it’s a great way to earn a fun income and see the world.

Dede Fulk wrote to tell me:

“Before I finished Tom’s Travel Videos for Profit program, I had my first place in mind where the ocean waves lapped up on the beaches of a beautiful resort. I began my adventure with a vacation rental owner marketing his property at an upscale resort in Mexico.

I used the exact words and benefits featured in the program to sell video services. “Have you ever thought of using video to promote your vacation destination?” Then I followed with all the stats that emphasize why video works.

You know what? He jumped on the opportunity in a heartbeat in exchange for a complimentary stay.

Tom didn’t leave anything out.

Next stop, Bella Sirena and the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

My husband Jeff and I rehearsed what we would do the minute we arrived. We went up to the room, followed the checklist, focused on close shots, medium shots and panning in different directions… and grabbed lots of footage before we brought everything inside.

Then we ran outside to check out the property and dip our toes in the water. We saw how the shadows and reflections affected the palm trees, infinity pool and fountains at the entrance.

We went into town and captured videos of Old Port, landmarks, beaches where the locals swim, and people in authentic Mexican restaurants eating gargantuan fresh clams.

You want to capture as much footage as soon as possible - more than necessary, as Tom said.

Not only did I create a short clip for the condo owner to place on VRBO and YouTube, but I have footage for a travel magazine and plan to approach the Mexican Tourism Board to sell a short clip promoting Puerto Peñasco.”

Tom makes all of this easy. His training program shows you how this opportunity works.

As the years have gone on it’s actually gotten easier and easier to sell these videos because so many companies know how valuable they are.

It’s great news for you because it means there’s less to learn and more clients willing to pay for you to visit their establishment and create a short video.

It means you can land your first assignment in no time. And it means there are very few start-up costs.

If you think this opportunity is for you, I’ve created a special page below that includes a breakdown of what you need -- including Tom’s Travel Videos for Profit program. He makes it so easy, you can start as early as tomorrow.

Click here to get started

There aren’t many other income opportunities out there that are quite this fun with little to no set up costs or time.

Unlike other programs, you don’t have to invest a lot or wait a long time to see results. It’s pretty quick and easy and you can start right there at home.

Click here for more details.

It’s one of my favorite get-paid-to-travel opportunities and I can’t speak highly enough about Tom.

He’s not doing anything crazy or fancy. And in fact, if there’s a skill you need most, it’s the patience to sit in a café in Italy and film little video clips from your table. It’s to take a cruise down the Seine and film the view. It’s to sit on a mountaintop and wait for a hiker to break through the clouds.

Click on the orange button below to find out more…

To your fun travel adventures,

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. If you decide to try Tom’s program, you should know that we raise the price every year. The best deal is here and I’m sure it’ll go up soon.

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