What Do You Want to Know about Stock?

This week marks nine months since our very first Breakfast Stock Club issue.

Since then, we’ve heard from a lot of readers who are applying to be contributors in stock sites, submitting their first photos, and making their first sales.

A big congratulations! You inspire me every week.

If you haven’t started yet -- no sweat. Next week, I’ll send you some get-started basics.

And even if you’re already submitting to stock sites, I’m sure you still have plenty of questions…

Help me give you the tips that you need most by filling out this quick survey for Breakfast Stock Club readers. It’s anonymous -- and I’ll share the results next week.

You’ll see there’s a space on the survey where you can jot down whast you’d like to know when it comes to stock. That’ll help me give you the tips you need.

Stock photo income is on the rise, as we saw in the microstockgroup.com 2010 stock photo industry survey that I talked about last week.

There’s still time to make an income with your stock photography. Help me guide you so that we can get there together -- fill out my quick survey here.


-- Bonnie

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From Andrea Rexrode Gonzales: Whoa! I've had 4 sales on Shutterstock since December and didn't even realize it! Added to one sale on Fotolia and I've made a whopping $5… I can get breakfast at McDonald's!

From Don Collins: I am new at this game but I have been taking pictures forever. My wife says I will take a picture of anything! She's right too. I am looking forward to becoming a better photographer and making a little money along the way.

From Caroline Maryan: Oprah's Thought for the Day: "If you can get paid for doing what you love, every paycheck is a bonus." Isn't that just perfect for all of us?

From Joy Ciaccio: I just uploaded my photo on the challenge page and went through all the submissions so far, and I just have to say, WHAT AWESOME IMAGES!! Really great shots, guys, and I hope I can keep up!

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