10 responses to “What Sells Best to Microstock Agencies”

  1. Barb

    Very good article -- I always like Shell's articles. Thanks again.

  2. Barbara G. Kassler

    Loved the article, got my juices flowing! Maybe I can do this...

  3. kat

    I appreciate your insight and entertaining recordings sold on AWAI!

  4. Ranette

    This is an interesting and helpful article. Thanks for sharing it. I especially noticed the photo of the hands holding glowing light. A very similar image has been used recently on our church's bulletin cover. This helped drive it home to me about how the stock photos are used. Hopefully this article will give me some new ideas to try to capture.

  5. Marcie

    Thanks, Shelly, for the specific ideas and illustrations! Makes me want to grab my camera and see what I can come up with for each of the trends, or better yet, to practice each of them in depth and sequentially....very helpful.

  6. Steve Heap

    Lovely xmas picture - I tried hard to take some new stock christmas shots this past month, but the one in the article easily beats any of mine! I just found this site today when searching for "best selling stock photo", and there seem to be a lot of interesting articles. As a New Year Resolution, I have started a weekly post of new images I've taken that week. Not sure that these will ever become best sellers, but I did this partly to drive myself to produce more images and partly to help others trigger that "Creativity" switch that we all have (but which seems to get stuck in "off" from time to time. That is why great posts like this one really help.

  7. Keith Sutcliffe

    Hi Shelly,
    It is amazing what simple shots appear to sell really well. I am a retired professional photographer looking to earn a bit of extra cash and give myself a reason to get out of bed in a morning. The work I did was Promotion and Publicity for actors, cabaret acts etc. Selling to magazines is a different market and I think I may need to know more about the markets I can sell and the type of pictures that sell.
    I love the simplicity of your work.

  8. Dianna B. Suratt

    Thanks for writing this informative newsletter. I appreciate your time, stock photographic experiences & researching best sellers & trends. I appreciate your inspiration, direction, suggestions, encouragement and enthusiasm, I really enjoy reading these emails.

  9. Royce

    I agree with the above coments, it always amazes me with what sells.

  10. Keith Sutcliffe

    Since my last response I have really been trying to get to grips with Stock Photography but unlike wedding, or portraits,or glamour where the subject is obvious I kept asking what is stock photography. I have just read your new article and half way through, it suddenly hit me. I had found it, the lost chord, in my case the lost 'Theme'. Stock photography is what every snap shotter takes everyday but done in a much more professional way. How may times has your picture of the girl in the park been taken by everyone in the local park. How many mums have taken a picture of their little boy with his new bike, laughing naturally because he is so pleased at getting his bike. I said before it was the simplicity but I was trying to find some magical formulae.
    Look out for a whole batch of new photographs in my web site. Coming soon.

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