What’s Your Photography Style?

What kind of photographer are you: hunter or farmer?

Andrea grabs her camera and takes off on road trips, ever on the lookout for things that catch her eye. She lives in the moment, shooting when something moves her. Andrea is a hunter.

Lise keeps up with current events, noticing popular colors and trends. With a theme in mind, she creates a storyboard, looks for props, finds models... then shoots. Lise is a farmer.

Rich loves traveling to exotic destinations with a small camera so he can stay agile. He looks for magic moments when the light and the subject come together just right... then he shoots. Rich is a hunter.

Efrain thinks about what local magazines want, checks his portfolio, scouts locations, creates a shoot list... then gets up at the perfect time of day to carefully compose the shot. Efrain is a farmer.

Do you crave spur-of-the-moment adventure, striving to freeze a perfect moment in time? Or do you relish the artistry of carefully crafting the perfect shot?

Whatever you love to shoot, and however you go about it, you can find financial success as a photographer starting this year... even if you don’t have any “real” experience selling your photos.

All of the photographers I mentioned above make a living doing what they love. Yet none of them started out as photographers. They transitioned from careers in biology... graphic design... department store management... and law.

If you want to support yourself with your photography... or simply make a side-income snapping photos in your spare time, start now. Don’t wait. Because no matter your photography style, there’s plenty of money to be made... and until you begin, someone else will be making it.

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