Begin Your Photography Journey


Here at Great Escape Publishing, we believe that success is about the journey. The prestige that comes with being a successful photographer… getting paid to do something creative and fun, that you really enjoy… It’s a wonderful life to aspire to—and one that can be achieved.

But the journey must start somewhere. If you have a photography dream but don’t know how to get there... just begin. Start small. Take your camera for a walk or to an event this weekend.

If you’re already taking and selling photos, welcome!

If you’re not, you’re in good company.  We started as a group of “untourists” making our way around the world in search of a more unconventional way to travel.  Today, we’re travel writers and photographers.

We don’t have degrees in journalism and we haven’t spent years in photo school.  We’re just everyday folks who like to travel and we pay for it by selling our stories and photos to magazines, newspapers and websites across the globe.

If you like to travel with your camera and you’d love to see your photos splashed across the pages of glossy magazines, hanging on gallery walls, or even on billboards on the side of the road, you can get started here.

As you begin, if you can, focus on these four photography tips and tricks, and you’ll be on your way...

Good composition

Try and keep the center of your image empty and use the Rule of Thirds to place your key subject on a thirds line. The Rule of Thirds is not a “rule,” of course. But it’s a guideline that will improve nearly every photograph.

Good light

Good light is not too dark. Not too bright. And it’s typically evenly spread across your subject. Here’s an example of good and bad light…

Too dark:

Too light:

Just right:

No clutter or distractions

The most saleable photos have a single message without trash, crumpled beach towels, power lines or bright spots to distract from that message.

Too much:

Just right:

Subtle processing

Every photo you send out for sale should have a little bit of processing, whether you do that with a cheap photo editing tool you find online or you buy a professional program like Adobe Lightroom.

Here’s an example of a photograph before and after processing in Lightroom:

When you start small with these four things, not only will your photos improve drastically, but I think you’ll find that your confidence builds with each step you take. Soon you’ll be on your way to turning your travel dreams into reality.

No matter what kinds of photos you want to shoot…

Hometown photos... people... weather... stock... food... feelings... travel...

… there's a market for your photos and a place to sell them.

Editors Note:

More photos are bought and sold today than ever before! If you like taking pictures, you could make a nice side-income selling them to magazines, newspapers, online stock agencies and a number of hidden markets that are all open to beginners. Sign up here for a free video presentation on how to get started today.