• Testimonials from Our Members

    "Just a thank you - through you, I got an "International Living - Best of the World's" assignment - I loved doing it and was paid for it - thank you again for the tip!"

    Cynthia Stark


    "I am so happy that I purchased "The Lazy Man's Guide To Stock Photography".

    It gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge and submit my photos to several stock agencies, I am proud to report that in two uploads I have 18 photos on one site and 7 on another.

    I love taking pictures and many people have told me that I should do something with my ability to take good photographs. I have taken a few local photography courses, but my photography background is purely amateur and a hobby. I however had invested in a nice SLR camera that I had always wanted. Wanting to justify the investment, I started searching the Internet for photography opportunities that met my experience
    level and stumbled on to stock photography sites.

    Not knowing anything about the subject, I found The Photographers Life site. I have visited the site many times and have used the information that was available without purchasing anything. Times are tough and money is tight. Finally I decided that if I was going to get serious about submitting any photo's to a stock agency I was going to need some help.

    I purchased the Lazy Man's Guide To Stock Photography and found the help and and information invaluable, and what I needed to get started.

    It was exciting and wonderful to have my photos accepted on a stock site. I felt vindicated in the small expense of the program. Not all of my photos were accepted but most were. I took several of the rejected photos, tweaked them , resubmitted and they to were accepted.

    I can't thank you enough for The Lazy Man's Guide To Stock Photography. I look forward to using your other valuable resources in the future and in letting you know when I have made my first sale.

    Thanks so much"

    Teresa G. Francis