• Testimonials from Our Members

    Yet another piece of good news! BudgetTravel.com chose one of my photos as "one of their favorites" and it will appear on related stories and pages across their website! How cool is that?!

    Cathy M


    "I am so happy that I purchased "The Lazy Man's Guide To Stock Photography".

    It gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge and submit my photos to several stock agencies, I am proud to report that in two uploads I have 18 photos on one site and 7 on another.

    I love taking pictures and many people have told me that I should do something with my ability to take good photographs. I have taken a few local photography courses, but my photography background is purely amateur and a hobby. I however had invested in a nice SLR camera that I had always wanted. Wanting to justify the investment, I started searching the Internet for photography opportunities that met my experience
    level and stumbled on to stock photography sites.

    Not knowing anything about the subject, I found The Photographers Life site. I have visited the site many times and have used the information that was available without purchasing anything. Times are tough and money is tight. Finally I decided that if I was going to get serious about submitting any photo's to a stock agency I was going to need some help.

    I purchased the Lazy Man's Guide To Stock Photography and found the help and and information invaluable, and what I needed to get started.

    It was exciting and wonderful to have my photos accepted on a stock site. I felt vindicated in the small expense of the program. Not all of my photos were accepted but most were. I took several of the rejected photos, tweaked them , resubmitted and they to were accepted.

    I can't thank you enough for The Lazy Man's Guide To Stock Photography. I look forward to using your other valuable resources in the future and in letting you know when I have made my first sale.

    Thanks so much"

    Teresa G. Francis