A Quick Fix: How to Apply Make-Up in Photoshop

Take a look at this photo:

You and I see a beautiful girl with a serene look on her face...

But I can almost guarantee you that the only thing she’ll see in this photo is the fact that her skin is too oily.

Luckily, it takes about two minutes to zap that shine and “virtually” apply powder in Photoshop, to get this end result:

Bonnie, here -- creator of the Breakfast Stock Club, where we talk about taking photos you can sell online as stock.

Photoshop edits like this one are subtle, but they make a big difference to your client or stock photo buyer. Here’s the before and after, side-by-side:

This is amazingly easy to do in Photoshop with the Paint Brush tool.  You use the color picker to choose her skin color, then set the brush at a low opacity setting -- around 15% -- and basically “paint” her skin.

If you can take simple pictures like this, you can make money from them.

Tomorrow, I’ll share another easy-to-follow Photoshop trick that bends reality and instantly turns your photos into works of art.

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