Tom Schuenemen

Tom Schueneman boasts by-lines in all sorts of publications and even publishes his own travel e-zine, The Traveler which Writer's Weekly, recently rated one of the best places for new writers to get published. He started out as a writer, but his interest in photography quickly blossomed. He found that by taking pictures and looking for good pictures to take, his discovery of a new place was enhanced and thus so was his writing. He's entered contests, received honorable mentions, and he also submits some of his work to stock houses, which he recommends all new travel writers and photographers look into. As someone who both hires photographers and pursues photography, he brings you a balanced blend of what a client needs and how to take better snapshots.

About Tom's Publication:

  • The Traveler: One of the best places for new writers to get published

Tom Schuenemen is also a contributing author to each of these programs:

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