Add Your Own Twist for a Unique Perspective on a Simple Photo

Last week, I challenged you to get creative and show off your own unique perspective. To add your own twist to a simple subject.

How did it go??

I tried it with the simplest object I could find: An orange.

Here was my list of different perspectives to try:

  • Up high
  • Down low
  • Directly above
  • Directly below (through something transparent)
  • From the subject’s perspective
  • Far away, including the scene
  • Super up-close including only details

I didn’t do all of these, but as you’ll see below, I kind of “colored outside the lines” at the end.

Here are some of the photos I took, below, starting with the boring straight-on shot:

Down low, wide angle, including surroundings:

Super up-close:

From the orange’s perspective:

From directly above:

After peeling:

Totally playing with my food!

Not all of these are keepers, necessarily. But I had a LOT of fun doing this, and discovered a ton about my camera, my creativity, and all that you can do with an orange

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