One response to “Become a Stock Photographer and Gain a Fun-Filled Life”

  1. Steve Heap

    I agree with the title - I started part time about 4 years ago, and have now built my stock portfolio up to about 2500 images of all types. I certainly enjoy it and am challenged every day to create something new. It is hard work though if you want to turn it into a real income stream, and it is probably getting harder as more images get uploaded every day. I found that one way to increase your images was to upload to the "easy to upload to" stock sites outside the main four or five agencies. While the sales on these sites are fewer, over time they add up, and I probably get 20% of my income from these smaller sites with not a great deal of effort. I do blog about my own experiences as well, but as someone who has just found this site, I need to spend more time picking up ideas here as well. Great article!

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