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The do's and don'ts of stock photo keywording

The do's and don'ts of stock photo keywording

I want to let you in on some GREAT stock photo keywording tips I picked up at the workshop, from our very own stock photo expert, Shelly Perry.

My Little Confidence Trick: Power Posing

Read about how to lower stress right before a shoot, Bonnie shares a little confidence trick: "power posing", it helps in a significant way!

Three Sites Where You Can Sell Your Fine Art Photos

Here are three sites that will sell your photos as prints to buyers all over the world, much like stock sites, but you get to set your own profit margin.

This One Habit Could Make or Break Your Photo Success

This One Habit Could Make or Break Your Photo Success

Check out how Breakfast Stock Club Premium member Theresa St. John is having so much success. All because of the power of asking.

Quick fixes for snapshots

Quick fixes for snapshots

Yesterday, a family friend asked me to “work my magic” on a couple of photos that she took with a point-and-shoot. She wants to print and frame them as a gift to her parents. Since she’s a great friend and a headshot client, of course I said yes! (Besides, playing in Lightroom is fun.) Here’s […]

How to Keep Track of Your Stock Photos

How do you keep track of your stock photos? Photographer Bonnie Caton tells about a few systems you could try.

Photo Motivation for a Rainy Day

Dear Reader, One of my goals this year is to upload 10 new photos to my stock agencies each month. But I haven't felt inspired to shoot this week. It's raining. And even though spring flowers are popping up everywhere, I seem to be glued to the couch. So I gave myself a little challenge: […]

Which Stock Photo Agency? Why This Reader Uses Alamy

Last week, BSC reader Rosanne Tackaberry told us how she's turning her photos of garbage into a surprisingly popular income-earning stock photo niche. If you missed that issue, read it here. Since she mentioned that she makes up to over a hundred dollars per sale, today I've asked her to tell us about the agency […]

Don't Trash Your Garbage Photos

As a wildlife photographer, reader Rosanne Tackaberry didn’t expect to develop a side-niche in pictures of garbage. But, lo and behold, her “trash formula,” which she’ll tell you about below, is stirring a lot of interest with photo buyers... and resulting in some hefty sales. By the way, Rosanne makes up to a few hundred […]

Stock Photo Success for the Un-Tech Savvy

When you first start submitting photos to stock agencies, you might get discouraged, decide you're not computer savvy, and throw up your hands. Quit. Go back to watching TV or perusing Facebook. That's fine. But know that if you do, you might be leaving a few hundred dollars on the table in coming months... and […]

The Stock Photo Upload Challenge

Autumn is prime selling season for stock photos. If you haven't noticed a bump in sales (or any sales!), it might be time to expand your portfolio with some fresh new photos. Let's get motivated together starting RIGHT NOW and make some extra money this season, with... THE UPLOAD CHALLENGE! Goal: To upload a big […]

Istanbul Stock Photo Shoot List

As I type this issue, the air above the Atlantic Ocean is deep, cobalt blue. That’s pretty much all I can see from my plane window. Our Istanbul Expedition begins on Sunday and I’m SO excited to explore such an ancient, culture-rich city, camera-in-hand, with a group of fellow photo nuts. BUT before the adventure […]

Five Steps to Better Stock Photo Sales

It took me a year and a lot of encouragement from my wife and a friend to get over my first stock photo rejection. Today it's kind of funny, because the same agency that rejected me is the one that now provides the biggest chunk of my stock photo income. In the beginning, I took […]

Top Five Elements of a Saleable Photograph

Top Five Elements of a Saleable Photograph

Chances are you already have salable shots on your computer. To help decide those you might submit as stock, here are five elements of a saleable photograph...

Stock Photo Sales Boosters: The Thumbnail Secret

Here’s a stock photo sales secret we’ve never talked about before... Start by putting yourself in a stock photo buyer’s shoes. First, you’d go to a stock photo website. Next, you’d type in a search term and hit “search.” Now, what’s the first thing you’d see? Thumbnails. Lots of tiny thumbnails. With all of the […]

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