You really can make money selling photos

“This is exactly what I needed.”

It’s Day 1 of our Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop and someone in the back of the room just came up to me and said that this workshop has already changed her life.

After losing her mother, she gave up on photography (and everything she loved about it – it was one thing that truly made her happy), and she decided to pursue a career that would pay the bills. But ultimately she was left wishing there was more to life than spreadsheets and family woes.

That’s why she signed up to join us here in Santa Fe: to see if she could make that change in her life… to see if she could make money doing something that made her happy. And she was so excited after this morning’s sessions…

…because she realized she could. 

You can really make money selling photos. You just have to learn a few things about your camera settings, lighting techniques, and how to sell your finished images.

Our presenters are practical, and the content they deliver is even more so. No matter what level, beginner to advanced, everyone will come away from this workshop ready for success.

And they understand your position better than anyone…

Tom Reissmann, our videography expert, started off his first presentation with one big disclaimer: he hasn’t always been an expert (gasp!). He was once in your shoes. In fact, he said that you are in a better position than he was when he started.

Equipment is better and cheaper today… the photography skills you’re gaining parlay very nicely into video…

Today, Tom sells his travel videos for a living. And if you’re a photographer, you already have the capabilities to succeed in the video market.

In fact, there are only a few key elements that make videos different from photos:

1. Movement – a photograph captures a single moment in time, but a video captures a series of moments and contains movement.

2. Audio – great videos have music, background noise, and/or voice-overs.

3. Editing – you’ll have to edit these two elements together to create a powerful combination, and a powerful video.

And once you know how to create those elements – and play around and practice a bit – you’re golden.

Stay tuned this week for more from Santa Fe… it’s only Day 1 after all!

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