Paris Stock Photography Expedition: Send Me a Postcard

As I’m sitting here on Air France flight #025 bound for Paris, all I can think about is home.

This Paris trip fell right in the middle of a new house search for Terry and me. With a new baby and Terry’s mom coming up to live with us next month, we need a bigger place, which means moving out of town. But we can’t seem to find a place that we like better than where we live right now.

And, it turns out, a huge number of readers -- 84% according to the poll we took last week -- love where they live, too.

One reader told us this about where she lives in Sebastopol, CA:

“I love the 4 o'clock breeze that comes in from the ocean every day; I love the small town atmosphere that still prevails although the town has grown exponentially since my childhood; I love being able to walk everywhere and to see moms, dads and kids out and about with their bikes and skateboards; I love that there is still Main Street and that there are parades; I love that there are streets with no sidewalks and farms within walking distance and that art is everywhere. I love that I was born here, raised here, and, although I had to live other places to pursue my career, I never really left here. And I never will.”

We also heard from readers in Belarus, Estonia, Kenya, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, South Africa, and all across the Americas.

And not only do I see love and passion in their comments, I also see photo opportunities -- lots of them. Small town atmosphere. Moms and dads out with their kids. Main Streets and parades. Farms, oceans, bikes and skateboards.

All of these seemingly everyday things could make great stock subjects, fine art shots, or accompanying photos to an article about the town.

And that gave me an idea…

I’d love to see where you live. And, if you answered our poll and said you don’t love where you live, I’d like to encourage you to find at least one thing you do like about it or one thing that’s unique and quirky about your town and write that thing on the back of a postcard.

Then, I want you to send me that card. I’m going to scan the best and include them in a collage on our website. I’ll also pick three and send them a copy of one of the new Lazy Man’s guides we have in the works: The Lazy Man’s Guide to Travel Writing, The Lazy Man’s Guide to Magazine Photography, or (and please excuse the extra long name) The Lazy Man's Guide to Getting Something… Anything (Even If It's a Picture of My Cat) Published Because I've Been Reading This E-letter for More Than A Few Months Now And Still Haven't Sold My First Photograph.

So send your postcard here:

Lori Allen
American Writers & Artists, Inc.
245 NE 4th Ave., Ste 102
Delray Beach, FL 33483

And make sure to put your full name on it, so I’ll know it’s from you. (I’ll block out any personal details like your address or e-mail address before I scan them to protect your privacy.)

And, of course, even if you do love where you live, you’re probably reading this newsletter because you love to travel, too. So, we’re going to talk a lot about that in the next few weeks.

I may be Paris-bound, thinking about home. But as soon as our wheels touch down at Charles de Gaulle airport, you can bet I’ll be excited to get my feet on that Paris metro and make my way into the city.

This will be our first-ever stock photography expedition in Paris and I’m super-excited. Shelly Perry’s flying out and we’re renting cars to take us to a French chateau and Mont Saint-Michel before settling back into the city.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get Internet access.

In the meantime, I’d like to take another reader poll. Where’s your favorite travel destination -- and where do you want to go that you’ve never been?

Take a few minutes to share, and I’ll post the results next week:

Click Here -- Reader Poll 

-- Lori

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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