Featured Publication: Traveling Tales

Featured Publication: TravelingTales.com
Website: www.travelingtales.com


If You'd Like Great Exposure in Weekly Canadian Papers…
By Roberta Beach Jacobson, for The Write Way to Travel

For TravelingTales.com, a weekly e-zine, Editor Margaret Deefholts requires all stories to be between 900 and 975 words. She loves vivid, personal tales of travel experiences -- no matter if it's a weekend getaway in your own city or a month-long African safari. All stories in this publication are destination-oriented.

Snooping around the TravelingTales.com website, I came across a travel article I wish I'd written. "Whistling Along the Rails" appealed to me as a reader because I felt I was right there with the writer, looking out the train windows at breathtaking British Columbia, Canada. The article provided background, plenty of colorful description, a sidebar (If You Go … ) with full contact information, plus photos with their own captions and credits -- all presented in a neat little article/photo package. Perfect.

Speaking of photos, each article must have at least four -- it doesn't matter if the photos are digital or conventional. Deefholts specifies exactly what sort of scene-setting photographs she wants in her writer's guidelines, which can be found at:  http://www.travelingtales.com/guidelines.html

If you query, she responds within 14 days. Her e-mail is mdtravellingtales@gmail.com. You needn't query first if your article is already finished, just go ahead and send it in.

TravelingTales.com is happy to take reprints or those submissions you've been sending out elsewhere without results.

All material accepted for and published at TravelingTales.com is submitted to a chain of weekly Canadian newspapers with a readership of up to half a million.  This is nice added exposure for you and a boost for your clips file.

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