First Photos Submitted for Stock: See Which Photos Our Readers Used to Get Accepted into an Online Stock Photo Agency

We’ve been talking a lot about stock photography this week. Sometimes, the hardest part is choosing that first photo for submission. But never fear -- you’re not alone.

Let’s take a look at some of the first photos that our readers used to get started in stock photography…

** They shot ANIMALS…

Professional photographer Shelly Perry has made a career out of stock photography, and it all started with this shot of a dog named Pee-Wee.

** They shot images close to HOME…

Caroline Maryan submitted this colorful image of a hanging lantern near her home in Seoul to Dreamstime as her first photo...

Elizabeth Coughlan’s first photo to Fotolia is of brown eggs and their yolks.

** They tried LANDSCAPES and pictures from their TRAVELS…

This beautiful sunset image got Marianne Campolongo accepted to Shutterstock.

And Gerald Mink used a photo he shot on our Ecuador Photography and Spanish Immersion Expedition...

** They also photographed their FRIENDS and FAMILY…

Deborah Kolb’s first photo “Just for the Jest of it” has been accepted and sold on multiple stock photo agencies.

The first photo that you get accepted into a stock photo agency is important because it creates a starting point. You will evolve as a photographer afterwards, and may even look back at that first photo and laugh, but it will begin your journey toward success.

Woody Allen said 80% of success is just showing up.  Take some time this weekend to “show up” and just do it.  Take some photos, edit them, and send them in.

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4 responses to “First Photos Submitted for Stock: See Which Photos Our Readers Used to Get Accepted into an Online Stock Photo Agency”

  1. Charles M. Crawford

    I love to explore and find new, different and some times quite uniqe items to display as a treasure. Perhaps you can open my mind to ideas!

  2. Kristen Baldwin

    I have been accepted to four different stock agencies and have sold some photo's in each one. Very exciting!!! I have found it frustrating, though, that I can submit the same shots to all four agencies and some will accept all of them and others will only accept a few of them, therefore, I have about 70 shots with one agency and only 9 with another. There are shots that were rejected by one agency that have sold with another one. There is no real industry standard and no one person can really say what will and wont sell. Very frustrating!!!

  3. Jane Ann Jensen

    Dear Lori, I have been following your messages and I have had a great interest in photography for years. I started taking pictures when I was 18 and now I am 77. I started out taking children's portraits back then. We are retired now and limited with no income. I do not have the money to take the course in Washington DC. Maybe I am too old anyway to do this but I do have a desire to try my hand at seeing what I can do with this idea. We lived out of the country for 20 years, Bahamas, Panama and Venezuela, from 1977 -1995. It was an adventurous life and I was always taking pictures. I used film then but for the last ten years am into digital. I am also an artist. Jane Jensen

  4. nathan resnick

    Hi Lori,
    I'm a big fan of several of your outlets, I have several of your travel programs and
    i have just joined the Itwpa. Also on a first name basis with Kaycn.She is great!
    My comment is this ,I now have over 200 photos online with over 2000 views and no sales. I'm not sure if stock photos will work for me so I'm shifting to travel writing as I'm planning on moving to Ecuador. I have sent in a postcard but no luck there. but I plan on trying harder. Lots of fun..good thing I can survive on $1k a month

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