Holiday Gift Guide 2013 for Photographers

Photographers are some of the easiest -- and funnest -- people to shop for. There’s always a new toy, tool, or gadget on their list, and prices range from very budget-friendly to out-of-this-world.

The trick is knowing which toys and gadgets they need right now.  Here are a few great choices to get you started, with today’s gift guide: Holiday Gift Guide 2013 for Photographers

The Sony QX10 and QX100 Smart Lens

Here it is... the newest cool photo gadget on the block. This lens is actually a camera that you operate with an Apple or Android phone. Your phone acts as a huge viewfinder... the lens takes photos with its high-quality glass and advanced image sensor... then your phone stores the images. From there, you can edit them, send them to friends, and show them to the world! Plus, it’s tiny and you can take it anywhere. What will they think of next? Amazing. $250 or $500, depending on the model,

Lens Shot Glasses

It seems everyone’s talking about the “lens mug” these days -- a mug that looks just like a camera lens. But only the cool kids are talking about these lens shot glasses. $23 for three,

Polarizing Filter

The first time you use a polarizing filter, the results are stunning. Blue skies are bluer... green leaves are greener... and the clouds look like they could pop out of your computer screen. If the photographer on your list doesn’t have one yet, this is a great addition to their bag. Just make sure you check the numbers on their lens to get the right size. Ask in a camera store if you’re not sure. $25 - $115,

Turn Your Pictures into Cash Program

Give your favorite photographer the power to make an income doing what they truly love. The Turn Your Pictures into Cash Program is popular because it really works. It’s designed to take any person who loves taking photos -- no matter how basic their knowledge -- and turn their love into an ability to make money.

Photorito Lens Wrap

Sometimes you just want to leave your camera bag at home. But how to protect your second lens? Photorito to the rescue! Just wrap it up like a burrito for cushy protection and stick it in any bag. The Photorito will also disguise your lens so potential thieves won’t suspect what’s inside. $20,


Sometimes using a flash is necessary. But pointing a flash directly at your subject is a big no-no. A flash bender attaches to the body of your flash with Velcro, and spreads the light out over a wider area, softening the shadows and making everything look much, much better. Another great addition to a photographer’s bag of tricks. $40,


For anyone who photographs people, a reflector is THE essential tool to always have on-hand. They come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. Try starting with a 32” 5-in-1 circular reflector, which has five different surface choices for different lighting situations. $39,

Photo Books:

Just as writers love books with lots of words in them, photographers love books that are filled with inspiring photos. Here are a few new great ones:

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
Across the Ravaged Land by Nick Brandt
Shake by Carli Davidson
National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs by Annie Griffiths
The Photography Book by Phaidon Press

And more gift ideas from our photography experts…

From stock photographer Shelly Perry:

Optrix PhotoPro X Waterproof Phone Case

Like a lot of photographers I know, I’m addicted to taking photos with my phone. It’s fun even without extra gadgets, but this phone case is waterproof to 33 feet and comes with interchangeable lenses. With this, you could take photos underwater and then immediately share them with friends via Facebook or text. The lens choices look great for above-water photos, too. $150,

Pegasus Rolling Backpack Carry On Bag

I never fly anywhere without my camera and computer. It’s a pain to remove my computer every time I go through security. Something like this TSA-approved bag would be pretty sweet, since you don’t have to remove anything. You just unzip, lay flat on the scanner belt, and go. $399,

From stock photographer Danny Warren:

Infrared Remote

Since I end up being my own model in many of my outdoor stock photos, having a remote trigger for my camera is essential. I recently lost my tiny infrared remote that I've had for five generations of Nikon cameras. It's time for a new one! These cost less than $25 for Nikon or Canon cameras and enable not only self portraits, but also steady shots when you don't want to press the shutter, and long exposures (30+ seconds).

Go Pro Hero 

The latest Go Pro cameras -- the tiny video cameras that you can attach to yourself or anything else -- are getting cheaper and more powerful. Not only do they provide a novelty (can't wait to strap it to my 11-month-old's head as she crawls around the house!), the quality is high enough that some stock video agencies accept it. $199 - $399,

From editorial photographer Efrain Padro:

Book - Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

Before I became a full-time photographer, I hired a consultant to help me get the business started. We met a few times and drafted a business plan. He went over my proposed logo and suggested changes, and he also recommended this little book. It’s basically a self-help book for businesses, replete with stories and real-life examples of how improving your service (“the invisible”) will improve your business. I found it informative and inspirational. $12,

Berlebach Tripod

This is the tripod I see myself using in my dreams. Beautifully crafted by Germans and made of natural wood. ‘Nuff said. (I realize many people would rather eat lint than use a tripod, but if you want to get tack sharp pictures in low light, you must pay the price no? Now I’ll get off my high horse.) $285,

Happy Shopping!

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