How to Sell Photos of Board Games as Stock

Do you think you could take a photo like this?

The subject of this photo -- games and people playing them -- is HOT in the stock photo world right now. Designers need photos of this subject that show a game without infringing on the game’s copyright, but there aren’t many to choose from.

If you can take a good photo of your family or friends enjoying game time together, you could potentially make a nice income from it. This very photo has sold over 200 times!

Here are some other stock photo subjects that are in high demand right now:

* Quilting
* Family dinner time
* People communicating with sign language

I’ll share another HUGE way to sell photos in the stock photo world tomorrow. You’ll be astounded at how simple it is... and how well it sells!

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One response to “How to Sell Photos of Board Games as Stock”

  1. ArenaCreative

    Exactly right - you have to be really careful with copyrights. I'm glad you mentioned this. The more generic, the better... when it comes to stock. Chess, checkers, games like that are obviously generic enough. Scrabble, no. Anything recognizable as a product, like Mouse Trap, maybe even Boggle, you definitely wouldn't want to waste your time with. These types of images will only get rejected at the major agencies.

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