Photo Tip: Selling Photos Locally

Photographer Rich Wagner has a knack for selling his local photos within his community.  He understands his customers' needs and sets up his shop accordingly.

Here's a tip from Rich on how you, too, can keep up with the changing market and sell more…

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing



As a New England-based photographer, I love the change of seasons. Not only do they inspire me to get out with my camera, but I'm motivated to change the prints in my gallery to feature a fresh look.

In early September, when we have a few chilly nights and the sun starts to set around dinnertime, people start wondering which weekend the fall colors will peak. That's about the time I start rearranging the gallery to lead the season with photos showing what's to come. We loved summer while it was here, but we're ready for something new.

By mid October, I'm featuring fall foliage compositions and winter snow scenes. No more sunflower fields or spring waterfalls. Here are a few examples:


I follow the same routine four times a year. The secret remains the same - change! People get tired of looking at the same old things. Anticipate what is about to happen and feature that. As a fine art/landscape photographer, that means you can't wait for the new season to start.

You may be in an entirely different business. No matter. Try to anticipate what's coming and get on board with something of your own.

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