Photos selected for sale at AWAI's annual copywriting bootcamp 2006

November 14th, 2006

Korin Yang -- WINNER -- SOLD!

Voted Best Photograph in Show with a Digital SLR Camera


Eunice Kern -- WINNER -- SOLD!

Voted Best Photograph in Show With a Digital Point and Shoot


Ray Batson


Lilly Torez



Gail Clark                                                Susi Seguret



Chuck Belitz -- SOLD!                              Gloria Marchand


Gary Waldrep


John Moreno


Riley Caton -- SOLD!


Scott Moses -- SOLD!

Garret Law



Katherine Law                                           Katherine Law -- SOLD x 2


Deborah Kolb


Deborah Kolb -- SOLD!                                         Jim Smith -- SOLD!



Jim Smith                                                Jim Smith


Argyro Toumazou


Gloria Marchand


Gail Clark


Riley Caton -- SOLD!


Neil Dearburg                                             Dominique Maniere


Neil Dearburg


Riley Caton


Susi Seguret



Christina Solstad                                         Sandra Fox


Christina Solstad


Sue Wright


Sue Wright


Sue Wright -- SOLD x2


Michele Jarvis


Virginia Avery


Tommie Marsters



Virginia Avery -- SOLD!

Didem Lenz -- SOLD!

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