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Daniel Nahabedian bought his first camera in 2008, and, in just one year’s time, he was able to turn it into a full-time income.

Only a few years ago – without ever having sold a single photo – Daniel Nahabedian ditched his job in HR and bought a camera. Over the course of just one year, he turned his photography hobby into a full-time income. Not long ago, he stood exactly where you are now, but today, his photos appear in Travel & Escape, Smithsonian magazine, and on National Geographic’s website to name a few. He enjoys the freedom to live anywhere in the world (for now Spain is home) to travel when he pleases, and earn a healthy income doing something he already loves!

Shelly Perry was fed up with the high stress in her social services job when she took a chance on stock photography. Today she makes most of her living from royalties on image sales…

When Kristen Bentz had to quit her job to care for a sick loved one,
she turned to photography, (a skill she learned at our Ultimate Photography Event) which provided a much-needed distraction AND enough income to support her and her family.

Tom Reissmann has been on “permanent vacation” for the last 12 years… as he earns a full time income, traveling the world camera in hand. Tom shoots short video clips for tour operators (something you could do in just a couple of hours on your vacation). He gets to travel the world… and makes up to $4,000 per trip by sharing his experiences with others.

None of these photographers had any formal photography training. Daniel, Shelly, Kristen, and Tom simply decided to turn their passion for photos into a lucrative income stream. And there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same.

It doesn’t take years of experience or thousands of dollars in equipment.

And let me assure you: It's not rocket science. If you can snap a simple photograph, you can be successful at this. It's just a matter of learning a few easy secrets.

The exact same secrets that our photo workshop attendees in San Diego, CA learned from our panel of experts last week.

They walked away knowing exactly how to quickly, easily, and enjoyably turn an interest in photography — even if all they’d ever done was take family shots at holiday time or on vacation — into fast, fun, easy cash… in their spare time.

There’s just one small problem …

Our records show you weren’t there to see or hear any of it.

But don’t worry… there’s a way you can hear directly from our experts exactly how it's done … all from the comfort of your own home.

And for a price that’s 70% less than what many others paid to join the Ultimate Event in person.

This Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program is, without question, the next-best thing to being at our live event in person.

We recorded all of it -- so you don’t have to miss out. It brings decades of photo expertise directly to you. (In fact, our workshop is so intense and content-rich that many attendees at our live events take advantage of these recordings, saying there's incredible value in being able to review and absorb at your own pace.) You’ll gain a systematic approach to taking photos that sell that anyone can follow …

… a system that is so powerful that our past workshop attendees are getting their photos, and videos sold faster (and more frequently) than they ever imagined possible. And they're cashing in on the opportunity to meet new people, the chance to see the world in a whole new way … and the pleasure in doing all of that and getting paid for it, too.

In The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program you'll learn …

You’ll also be introduced to other lucrative specialty markets as well. Markets you might not even realize are in need of photos! Did you know there’s lots of money to be made with family portraits, and selling your fine art prints to interior designers and local businesses? Or how about fine art prints of storms, and lightning?

And another newcomer on the scene this year: 360 degree photography. You may not have considered it before, but local businesses are all in need of 360 degree photographs to prove their credibility and show their interiors to prospective clients. It’s always nice to be able to “look inside” a restaurant or shop on google before going there. You could be the one to take these pictures for businesses in and around your own hometown!

Or maybe your passion is taking photos of people. Well there's no reason why you can't take the techniques our experts in San Diego shared and create great headshots or portraits. In fact, there’s an entire session on how to do this (and make $500 in a weekend).

Or say you're a gardener and you like to spend your spare time outside in the yard. Well there's money to be made in that backyard of yours. You’ll quickly discover why you should take not just your gardening gloves, but your camera outside with you next time, too. And exactly what to do with those photos so you can essentially be getting paid to trim those blooms.

Or maybe you’re more into travel or nighttime photography. You’ll hear from all of our experts as they share their secrets -- what works in the real world (and what doesn't). I mean, that alone will guarantee you're ramped up for success before you even get started.

Sales for this simple photo already total a handy $600 for workshop attendee, and fellow member, Theresa St. John. Food photos can often be good sellers.

And that's what The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program is about, really. The idea that you can get started with no experience at all. Just a simple digital camera. And under the guidance of a handful of seasoned pros you’ll learn exactly what you need to know to turn photos and videos of your next vacation … your own hometown … and even your pets, family and friends … into fast, fun, easy cash. In your spare time. No experience necessary.

It’s Everything Our Workshops
Have Always Offered … From the Comfort
of Your Favorite Chair

If you've been to one of our photo workshops before, you’re going to feel like The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program is an entirely new program. We have so many new, money-making ideas to share (including many never-before seen sessions we added to the event this year) — you'll be positively inspired.

Of course, we're going to have all the great eye-opening material our attendees always rave about, too. It's all of that — plus 100% more.

Whether you have little experience and modest equipment or you're already a talented photographer, you'll benefit from the insightful tips and secrets revealed in San Diego.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of what you'll learn:

What’s more, you'll be able to practice these fundamentals at your own pace, on your own time. By the time you’ve listened to every tip and fine-tuned every technique our experts so willingly share, I promise you: You'll be taking photos you can't believe are yours.

Plus, your Workshop-At-Home Program is specifically designed to give you the key skills you need most - first. Remember, these presentations were all packed into a three-day event. You won’t spend months pouring over manuals, or sitting through evening classes after work… Our experts skip the fluff, and get straight to the point, with clear, easy to follow instructions, and ‘real world’ advice.

Spend just one weekend at home, watch your favorite presentations, those that interest you the most, put what you learn into practice… and I guarantee in just a few days you’ll already find new photo opportunities to get excited about, and see yourself capture better photos.

But most importantly, you'll also find out exactly what you need to do to make your photographs saleable.

“I just have to share this. Prior to attending my first photography workshop, I did not know what ISO or Fstop were. I am therefore thrilled every time one of my stock photos shows up somewhere cool. A few months ago one was shown on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, and today one showed up on a syndicated column that appeared in all online Sun media newspapers across Canada.” – Workshop attendee Amy Muschik

“Other than offering me invaluable advice and tips, it opened my eyes to the fact that with motivation and perseverance the inexperienced could also break into the industry. Now I’ve had a number of articles and photos published – and gotten paid for them, too. As well as the obvious financial benefits, it’s extremely rewarding to see my photos and writing in print.” – Workshop Attendee, Lucy Brown

This Program Really, Really Works.
And I'm Not Just Saying That … Our Past
Workshop Attendees Have Found
Success … Fast

Kristen Bentz attended this workshop in Phoenix, AZ several years ago and soon after used her new skills to sell her photos locally. Today she’s making a name for herself with her dramatic weather and storm images. But what’s really great for Kristen is that she’s having a blast. She’s doing something she’d gladly do for free in her spare time anyway. The only difference now is that she’s making money from it. (Kristen joined us in San Diego to tell her story and outline step-by-step what it would take to follow in her footsteps. You’ll find her presentation in this Workshop-at-Home Program, along with her blueprint for earning your first $30,000 in photo income, all available to you here today, at a fraction what others paid to join her in San Diego.)

Kristen Bentz has sold this photo multiple times for an upwards of $2,500 earning her a total of $8,000 for this single image. You can hear how she does it in this Ultimate Workshop-at-Home Program

Before Terry Robinson attended one of our live workshops, he had sold a handful of images to family and friends for $25 to $50.

But when he got home, he immediately put to use the secrets and tricks he picked up at the event. In his spare time, he set up a photo shoot in his hometown (you don’t necessarily have to travel beyond your backyard to make this work) …

… and he made $275 on his first set of images.

Today, he “works” only part-time. When he wants extra spending money, he breaks out the camera and knows he can make $500-$1,000 in a single weekend.

He told us last year that his camera put an extra $10,000 into his bank account that year. And he’s not alone.

“This shot is my number one seller for the year so far. It's part of a new series I just put up a few months ago and already the series has earned me over $1000.” – Shelly Perry

Joaquin Alonso came to our event in San Francisco and has gone on to write and photograph for Discovery Channel Latin America and a Singapore inflight magazine.

“The workshop was fun. I learned a lot … I met interesting people and I became excited about trying to make money from photography. The workshop is an excellent value and provides information that is difficult to acquire in other ways.”

Sue Wright came to one of our very first events and made over $1,500 in sales of a single photograph she took at the workshop within three months of her return home

And Shannon Twiss is another example. After attending our workshop in Paris, she sent me this note …

"Just thought I would pass on a little good news to you. I went to Appalachia on a photo trip in September … I sold a picture [from that trip] not just once, but twice!!! (for $250 a pop!) I also have sold my Paris bike picture twice since coming home and have more interest in some of my other photos. Hopefully this is just the beginning!!! Thanks for everything. Hope you are doing well and I will see you again at another workshop soon."

“The workshop was well done in every way and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to photographers (even hobbyist and amateurs). I will definitely be interested in taking other Great Escape Publishing workshops.” — Pam Spivey

Five hundred dollars from a single trip. Now that's a great way to defray your travel costs. And it's easily something you can do, too.

Brenda McGill, one of our workshop attendees from Washington, DC, put what she learned there into action. And soon after, she'd earned her first published photo credit and by-line at

And the Success Stories Go On … and On … For Some, This Has Become a New Way of Life And It Can Be Yours, Too

This time around, in San Diego, we made sure this is the best Money-Making Photography Workshop ever. And with The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program, you won’t miss one word.

With this At-Home Program you'll …

Plus, as I've said, we’ve added many never-before-covered sessions, so no matter what your interest, someone will be talking about how you can make money photographing it…

You’re really going to love this Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program — even if you’re only an amateur, who's only taken snapshots at birthday parties. You are qualified! Anyone can learn to do this!

With more speakers than ever, and a whole slew of new presentations, you will learn even more of the trade secrets professional photographers use to land paying gigs and sell their photos for cash.

The information you'll gain from these audio recordings could, quite literally, change your life.

10 Reasons Why You Won’t Want to Pass Up The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program

10. If you like taking pictures of your family or snapping vacation photos on your vacations, then you've got the basics to make it in this business. All you need to do is turn your interests and habits into income-earning tools. And that's exactly what our experts will show you how to do The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program.

9. Our professional stock photographers have helped us define trends that are selling right now in the stock photo business -- and you’ll learn where your own images can make you money when you follow those trends.

“It gave me more than I ever dreamed I would learn. I feel like now I can get started somewhere.” — Jackie Miller

“This workshop opened my eyes to so many new ideas and comprehensive descriptions of how to begin and follow though.” — Heidi Sherman

8. You’ll get a complete blueprint outlining how to go from zero to your first $30,000 in photo income. All practical advice from someone who has done exactly the same. No fluff, no big league, expensive equipment needed, advice – just first-hand experience of what does and doesn’t work.

7. A glossy magazine photo can earn you anywhere from $200 to $1200 … if, that is, you know what photo editors are after. And that's just one of the important secrets you'll learn from this Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program.

6. Presentations from professional photographers in niche markets that you may have never considered before. In The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program, a whole new world of opportunity will open up before you. If you’re looking for a new sideline career or a career change altogether, you won’t want to miss this information

5. Who better to know what it takes to break into the stock photography market than a former stock photography photo inspector (that’s someone who is paid to analyze the photos that are submitted for stock and either accept or reject them). There was one with us in San Diego and she provided us with her every insight in The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program. You’ll be shocked at how shy she is. If she can make it in this business, the rest of us that hide behind our lens certainly can.

4. In The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program you’ll hear from Tom Reissmann and Daniel Nahabedian – two photographers who started with nothing more than the idea that they liked taking pictures and filming travel videos. Now, they get paid to travel the world… often on someone else’s dime. And they earn a paycheck to boot.

3. You won’t find access to information like this anywhere else. At our workshops, we make it our business to let you know exactly what editors, photo buyers and stock agencies want. You can’t find this information on the street and it would take you years of trial-and-error to learn it for yourself. There IS no better way to get started.

2. Don't forget the money: You'll find out exactly what you need to do to make your photographs saleable in addition to all the sessions you’ll get on improving your photography from the start.

And the #1 reason why you should reserve a copy of The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program: Because you can’t afford not to.

The Most Efficient, Enjoyable Way We Know to Revolutionize the Way You Experience the World

Now, I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again: The information you'll gain from our Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program could, quite literally, change your life — change the way you experience the world. Bring a whole new dimension of fun and enjoyment to your life. And provide easy cash, too.

You'll get access to every secret uncovered by these industry experts and guidance from professional photographers and writers who will share with you the insights they've learned on-the-job. It'll shave years off your learning curve and set you up for success from the start.

And while this program is well worth the workshop price, you won’t pay anything near that. I'll give you the numbers in a minute…

First, though, let me introduce you to our experts who have taken our past participants — often folks with little or no previous photography experience — and turned them into income-earning photographers …

These experts have decades of photo-marketing experience — every one of them. And there’s nothing like getting the insider secrets straight from the pros … the off-the-cuff remarks … the encouragement …

Daniel Nahabedian is a freelance travel and cultural photographer. In 2008, Daniel bought his first camera and within one year became a full-time photographer. Currently living in Granada, Spain, Daniel speaks five languages and has lived all over the world including France and Thailand. His work has appeared in Travel+Escape, AsiaRooms, Smithsonian magazine, National Geographic website, Matador Network and more.

In San Diego, he shared details of his journey from no-income photographer to travel photographer and will show you how to do the same. If you aren’t sure you have what it takes to really make a go of photography … Daniel has been there and knows exactly the advice and skills you need to pick up.

“Daniel Nahabedian was crystal clear and very informative, emphasizing the human side of photography.” – Kathleen Pacheco

“Daniel Nahabedian [is] extremely friendly, approachable, caring to give information. Spoke of how he had to seek out information and wants to empower others with it.” – Joe Cortes

Shelly Perry specializes in “people” photography. She is especially known for her photos of children. Her images have been seen all over the globe on music CD covers, books, magazines, catalogues, websites, ad campaigns, and even on TV. Her work has also appeared in several local exhibits and gallery shows.

Shelly provides you with the know-how you need to break into online stock agencies and establish an ongoing source of passive income.

“I felt Shelley gave us so much – the real inside story – and how to succeed. She’s takes the intimidation out of considering pursuing a dream like this.” – Roni Java

“I really appreciated Shelly’s info and expertise and learned about two areas that I probably will consider now and would not have before: stock and model/portrait photography.” – Jeannine Bourdeaux

It’s not all day, every day, but at the Ultimate Event our very own staff member Bonnie Caton revealed her secret for pulling in an extra $500 a day with her photography. If you can invest in a good camera lens, you can do this too. It’s fun. It’s fast. And it’s formulaic. It’s all part of her spare-income plan which is included in the Workshop-at-Home Program.

“Bonnie is a giant heart full of passion and love for all things photography. Very knowledgeable on all aspects of photography, processing, sales, etc.” – Troy Nelson

“Bonnie single handedly allowed me to be accepted at a stock site. Personality is great, delivery, whether in person or video is simple, easy to follow and inspiring. I don’t know if I could have succeeded without her direction.” – Melissa Ruediger

“Bonnie is wonderful as a teacher. Knew her facts and explained each step clearly– Theresa Schlachter

And there’s more including hobbyist turned photographer, Kristen Bentz, who was named the 2012 Monsoon Photographer of the Year for a picture she took in a desert thunderstorm! More recently when Kristen had to quit her job to care for a sick loved one, Kristen turned to photography, a skill she learned at our 2011 Ultimate Photography Event in Phoenix. Photography provided a much-needed distraction AND enough income to support her and her family.

She learned quite a bit at breakneck speed and now she’s ready to share with you how she did it. In addition, her $30,000 blueprint – a step-by-step guide to earning your first $30,000 with your photos based on her own experience – is another FREE bonus you’ll get when you register here today for the Workshop-at-Home Program.

“Kristen is an experienced photographer who's enthusiasm for photography is infectious; she is able to impart knowledge is a very easy informal way. She ensures that everyone knows what they are doing and nothing is too much trouble.” – Linda Nicol

“Kristen is a delight - an expert with great information and tips to share. Lots of fun to be with - helpful; wants participants to have a great experience and take great photos.” – Scott Holmes

Joe Sindorf – Joe is an award-winning photographer and international humanitarian filmmaker. His still photographs have been published in National Geographic Traveler, Outside, and American Photo, among others. His video work has won international film festivals, the NATAS Emmy Award, the George Foster Peabody Award, and more.

Joe is currently earning 20 times the income from his video stock footage than he is from his stills of exactly the same scene. He’ll show you exactly how that’s done, so you can work on collecting video clips with your camera or smartphone in addition to still photographs.

“Loved Joe - he taught me how to finally go full manual and was a great resource. Fun, insightful and a great pro to have in the keep!” – Sharri Speaker

“Joe is a superb human being. He is extremely knowledgeable about all things photographic, and was very helpful in many ways. His presence was invaluable to the success of this trip.” – Alex Dominick

“Joe has a lot of patience with inexperienced photographers also great technical know how. Very approachable. A great artist willing to share all and very easy to understand.” – Deborah Kolb

Carli Davidson - Carli Davidson is a full-time professional animal photographer. You may know her by name as the two-time New York Times’ bestselling author of the book, “Shake.” Working with animals from a very young age, Carli has a passion for capturing them with her lens and has gone on to photograph and direct commercials for various clients and agencies including Pedigree, Purina, Nike, Friskies, and more. Among others, her work has also appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone Magazine, and National Geographic.

She’ll share with you how to build a full-time career out of a sideline business, and she’ll also give you tips and tricks for creating incredible images of animals, capturing their motion, and taking your work to a whole new level.

Tom Reissmann -is the author of Travel Videos for Profit and an expert in creating and selling travel videos to both barter for free vacations and earn a nice profit. He sells his 30-second to 4-minute videos for anywhere between $200 and $4,000 apiece, and in this workshop-at-home package you’re going to see exactly how it’s done with a chance to try it yourself. If you can learn to use that little video button on the top of your camera (or on the side of your smartphone or iPad), you can earn big and fund all sorts of great trips from Hawaii to the Galapagos and beyond.

“Tom is an amazing teacher who is very precise and clear. He leaves room for your interpretation and finding your own path of what to do with these skills, by giving examples of his preferences and not giving just one way to do anything.” – Lynn Marlborough

Mike Hagen - Mike is an adventurer who combines his passion for travel and the outdoors with his love of photography. An avid travel writer and photographer, he has more than 50 published articles under his belt and his photos have graced the covers of many magazines. He is the author of 8 books on photography including The Nikon Autofocus System and Thousands of Images, Now What?

He’ll show you how you can land your own photos in magazines and cash in on the paychecks that come with it.

“Mike is a real photo pro, and he is an excellent teacher. He is super knowledgeable and helpful, and he is always willing to help out with camera problems, photo tips and great ideas on how to improve my photography.” — John Sternbergh

Plus, you'll hear from Wayne Hoover, who originally thought he’d never be a photographer but recently sold a set of images for up to $1,500, Cheryl Bigman, who started out at one of our workshops ten years ago and today brings in a six-figure income doing event and family portrait photography, and other folks just like you, too — once novice folks who, today, are taking — and selling — amazing photos. And having a great time, too!

Boost Your Income With This Extra Skill

Plus, this year in San Diego we explored a whole new opportunity for you to multiply the earnings and the perks you get when you travel… or even from local hotels, businesses, or your community.

With our roots in travel writing and our goal to travel more in 2017, we invited expert travel writer, and former long time travel editor of The Denver Post, Kyle Wagner to show you how easy it is to parlay your new photo skills into a story you can sell for twice the pay.

Fellow member, Mark Andrews got $1,030 and a free trip to Japan for his two-page story and 11 photographs. “I was happy with the money,” he said, “… but even happier with the free trip – a guided winter walk along Japan's Nakasendo Way.”

You don’t need any experience nor a degree in journalism. Our members are having fun writing from all over the world – Paris, Hawaii, Fiji, New York, Mexico, Bora Bora and more. And Kyle will break it down for you and show you how to join them.

In effect, this is your best opportunity to jump into the travel photographer’s life this year …

Whether you're interested in adding photos to your travel articles … or you're looking for a way to turn a "hobby" into an income-producing pastime … or you're interested in, quite simply, learning and perfecting a skill that can provide you endless enjoyment, prestige, and fun …

The Best Deal EVER on Photography, Video, and Travel Writing…

Attendees at our live events pay as much as $1,697 for this kind of access and they’ll tell you it’s worth every penny.

But for a limited time only, you won’t pay anywhere near that and you’ll get all this…

Put all these resources together, and you'll be able to listen to the recordings and follow along with the presentations – taking part just as you would if you were in the room with the experts.

You'll be able to go out and practice what you learn, too. And it's through those practice sessions that you gain the sort of "ah ha" moments our participants talk about … those times when something just clicks and all of a sudden you feel yourself take a giant leap forward.

"Lots of good information and the workshops were appropriate for beginners. I was afraid I would be overwhelmed but I was not. The Great Escape Publishing folks are terrific – very helpful." – Kathleen Preston

“I needed this. This is a workshop for people who know they want to make money with photography but don’t know where to begin. The team of presenters not only show you how to get started but also gives you the confidence to start taking the first steps.” – Joan Lyons

“It is PRACTICAL!! And the content aimed at helping you make money at something you LOVE to do is great – whether fine art, stock, or magazine publications. There’s something for everyone.” – Vera Bojnel

“Without a doubt the best conference I have been to. Just flat out, great, fast moving, detail orientated, presentations about different opportunities related to photography. Well prepared presenters offered insights into what they do with their photography to make money and have fun.” – Jacqui Austin

“It’s just amazing how much knowledge you have passed on in such a short time, I really feel this workshop has given me the tools to “renovate” my life and what I do for a living" – Rolando Munari

“I feel these are the best workshops for photography, as you really get all the info needed to actually go out and start whatever kind of photo business you want. Nothing is off limits, or “insider secrets” and each presenter is so open and honest.” – Lynn Michaels

Plus, with The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program, you can repeat each presentation as many times as you wish… giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace and when it's most convenient for you.

Click here to get the Photo Workshop-at-Home Program – at a massive discount!

But there’s one more thing I’d like to give you …

Your Special Gift …
The “Secret 5”

Overlooked Markets, and Skills You Can Use to Ramp Up Your Photo Income

To give you an extra edge on launching your successful photographer’s life — we’ve looked back at all our recent years of Ultimate Events and selected presentations on lesser known but lucrative niches where you could sell your photos… the ones that will show you something new, exciting, and rewarding along with skills that will give you a “leg up” on getting your first paycheck from your photos. We’ve compiled this special bonus package available here only.

Best of all, this is a FREE bonus … our gift to you, simply for reserving your Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program here today.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s included:

“The Secret 5”

  1. The View from Above: Drones and Aerial Photography
  2. Double Your Earnings: How to Shoot and Sell Real Estate Photos
  3. How I Turned My Self Portrait Hobby into a Photo Booth Business
  4. Advice from a Photo Buyer: What Exactly Designers Want and Need from Photographers Like You
  5. Social Media Secrets for Photographers

Of course, it’s difficult to put a value on this gift — except to say you would have had to attend more than one Ultimate Event, or buy a number of Workshop-at-Home Programs to hear them — an expense of anywhere up to $3,394. But you can have it free — our gift to you — simply for securing your Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program today.

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If you like to meet new people, and would enjoy an opportunity to see the world in a whole new way… plus take pleasure in doing all of that and getting paid for it, too – and you're ready to turn that dream into reality this year – then there's no more good-value or efficient way to do it than with The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program. It's exactly what you need – it's powerful, energizing, and a kick-start like no other.

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Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. This Workshop-at-Home Program will be available for a limited period of time only. Earning a mere $1,000 a month from your photo sales means you’ll miss out on $12,000 if you wait till next year’s Ultimate Event to get started. Why wait?

And rest assured, as with all our programs, there's no risk to you. You can try The Ultimate Photo Workshop-At-Home Program out for 30 days and if you don't feel this program delivers the secrets you need to take saleable photos fast, simply let us know and we'll refund your investment, no question. You have nothing to lose.

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