Reader Lands Magazine Cover: Congratulations Caroline M.!

This week, our congratulations go to reader and workshop attendee Caroline Maryan.

Caroline just got news that her photo will be published on the cover of “Discovery,” a local magazine in Seoul, South Korea. (Note: This is Caroline’s first published photo.)

Carolina Maryan

She writes…

“I am so thrilled! The picture is of a restored stream--the Cheonggye Stream--in the center of Seoul. I was on the way to get a manicure…and I had my camera with me. I looked down and saw a re-enactor dressed in traditional clothing from the last dynasty. It was pure luck!

“As I jumped around trying to find the right composition, I kept hearing my photography training from AWAI in my head. It definitely made the difference between a saleable photo and a snapshot. From now on, I’ll never leave my apartment without my camera.”

-Caroline M.


Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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