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  1. Merle Minda

    I do read all your emails; haven't bought anything yet but probably will one day. Keep them coming. Thanks.

  2. Sanjay

    Thanks for all the wonderful, incredibly useful tips, info and freebies you've given us over the years. An abject apology for not having thanked you enough. I grovel.

  3. Dianne O'Sullivan

    I enjoy reading your articles & when I get confident in my ability I would like to take part in your competitions.

  4. Barb Rees

    Thanks for the very practical articles.. Although magazine articles are not that big a challenge to sell, photos are so I am going to study the photography tips and will let you know if I actually sell photos.

  5. renee

    Just been busy - not ignoring you so much to do - I love your site - it is very informative and Ihave learned so much - enjoy the tips and information on how to see your photos

    Though I havent been able to get any images sold as of yet - hoping Ihave more time to devote to your page - Please continue to keep me informed

  6. Katie Walters

    I really appreciate the tips that you send me. Im saving up to be able to attend a workshop in the future.

  7. Marie-Pierre Maingon

    Thanks for renewing my subscription.
    Although to tell the truth I don NOT feel very much "valued" as a customer. Your email states that you have not heard from me and that I have not purchased your programs. In fact I have just purchased one a week or so ago. A small package of course, but not that small to me and certainly not worthy of your disdain.

  8. Gabriele

    I do appreciate the emails. Until I retire, I'm not in a position to take advantage of the offers, but I want to stay informed via the emails. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Bob

    Keep me up to date; keep me on the list. Who knows, maybe someday I can thank you all when I receive my Pulitzer ! (See, I do fiction as well as real stuff!)

    Bob S. Hale

  10. Kerry

    I love receiving all the newsletters and hints each time you send them. I read every one. I am currently without a job and these emails have given me that extra nudge of confidence to begin using my pure pleasure in photography to generate an income. I will be excited to let you know when I have. Thank you so much for the generosity of information in your newsletters/emails.

  11. Kevin K

    thanks, these will be helpful...

  12. Alethea Skinner

    Thanks for all of the great tips....I appreciate your efforts to help the rest of us on our individual journeys.


  13. cynthia

    thank you for the wonderful emails

  14. Shane Kendrick

    Thanks heaps for the great reports.

    I enjoy getting your email tips and advice.

    I want to attend a travel writers workshop and photography courses when I next come to US.


  15. Kimberly Irby

    I very much enjoy each and every one of your newsletter. I have learned some valuable information, and save each newsletter for further reference.

    Thank you!!

  16. Othman

    Thanks for the generous offer. I personally find your articles very close to my heart in terms of my passion for travel and photography. With sometimes limited schedule for my indulgence to appreciate these hobbies of mine, nevertheless your articles that i received gave me the private time to explore the exciting experiences from the comfort of my own room reading them, almost instantaneously and admirably.
    Once again, my grateful appreciation !


  17. Beth

    Thanks so much for the above reports

  18. Tera

    Thank you for the subscription and the free reports.

  19. Waldo Miller

    thanks for keeping me informed.

  20. Damien Lim

    Wonderful gifts and very useful,

    Thanks for the effort and great work put into the articles and reports.

    Keep it up.

  21. Loyce Hood

    I read each and everyone of your emails and enjoy them very much.

  22. Colleen Setchell

    Thank you so much for these reports. They are so informative and I will keep them as a handy reference for my travels...

    Take care

  23. Robin Brooker

    I really appreciate getting the newsletters. I started taking pictures 58 years ago (it's my 68th birthday today) and much of my career was spent in professional photography. But, I am slowing down a bit.

    Perhaps a tip I should pass on to members is that while taking all these pictures for sale don't overlook the most important pictures you will ever take: those of your family. The pictures you take to earn money have a very limited lifespan - family pictures will be appreciated beyond your own lifetime.


  24. Brynjolfur Helgason

    Thanks for your reports. Great stuff like your reglular features. Classy. Thanks.

  25. Joanna Corden

    I love receiving your communications, and am working my way, though slowly, through the programmes I have bought from you!

  26. Sue Kane

    Thanks, the list of 101 things is just great! My stock photography had gone off the boil, that's just the reminder I needed.

  27. Ron Ulibarri

    I thoroughly enjoy the tips and information provided on the site. Keep up the good work.

  28. Johnny

    These tips and ideas are really helpful. Thank you for posting.

  29. Lin

    Thank you :)

  30. elizabeth banstetter

    Thank you so much! I know I will enjoy these reports. Being a travel writer is something I hope to do in the future so I like becoming more informed about it now.

  31. Terry Thomas

    Thanks so much for your service, I have learned a lot just from the articles you provide and put much of them to use.

    Thanks again

  32. alain vaillancourt

    I've not been a good follower or a steady one but I want to let you know that I appreciate the quality of your work and thank you for it.. :) Thanks, Alain

  33. Bud Jellison

    The free reports couldn't have come at a better time. Until now I have not owned a camera of sufficient quality to believe that I could have accomplished much with it. Now I am about to be able to purchase a high-quality camera, so the report on "How to Buy the Right Camera" comes at just the perfect time. Many thanks for all the valuable newsletters over the months gone by, and, in advance, for the upcoming free reports. It's my hope to be making good use of all of them in 2012.

  34. cheryl autry

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity become a productive contributor to the digital world of photography and travel.

    You're awesome!


  35. Len Charvet

    Love the Travel tips! Looking forward to apply them when I go to Europe in Apr/May this year.
    You're doing a great job!

  36. Joan Calvin-De Lima

    Thank you for all the fantastic information you pass along.
    It is wonderful to try your tips out and find they really do work!
    Great work!

  37. carla estrada

    love your articles.

  38. Yvette

    Photography and travel tips are great!

  39. Jamie Bjornsen

    I'm an "old school" pro photographer still learning the digital world of photography.
    This site helps to bridge the gap for us "old" guys... Thank you!

  40. Denis Byrne

    Hi Folks,

    just to let you know i appreciate all the advice you pass along my way, and i hope to take the stock photography section/breakfast club more seriously this year, and possibly meet you in Paris this year..

    thanks again


  41. sue nielsen

    Fantastic website, I love all the info you send, about writing and photo's. Thank you! Thank you!!!

  42. Mandy Mallison


    Just to let you know I absolutely love getting my regular e-mails from you. I live and work in Scotland, so not so easy to do the workshops, but if I could I can assure you I would. My dream one day is to be a travel/photographer/writer, but for now very happy working and being a mum. So saving up all the useful advice for one day in the future. If I could find the time ( I should try harder!!) I'm interested in getting into stock photography. Sounds like a great way to make extra money, and sell your photo's.

    Thanks again ,
    Keep up the great work,


  43. Lucie

    I love this site and all the information that you send on. I am only now starting to look at the possibility of trting to make a living from travel writing and photography but all of your advice, information and tips is definitely helping! Please keep up the good work :)

  44. Robert Frederick Carlson

    Have traveled and lived among 50 countries already. Your material helps me organize the potential opportunities into formulas.

  45. John Monaghan

    Thank you so much for those reports. I am sure I will find them useful for years to come.

  46. Bob

    Thank You! :)

  47. Marilynn

    I have enjoyed the AWAI articles in the past and wish to continue the subscription until further notice. Thank you.

  48. Andrea

    I love to read these! I just wish I could make money traveling too!!

  49. Anderson Williams

    Thank you all very much for letting me continue being a member.

  50. Martina Clark

    I love reading your newsletter and have recently left my "day job" to do more travel writing so I'm sure I'll be following even more closely in months to come! Thanks! -Martina

  51. christine

    Have found your emails very interesting and helpful.

    Thank you.

  52. Shannon Locke

    Thank you for the free reports.

  53. Roxane David

    I truly enjoy reading your newsletter. Thank you

  54. Cindy

    Thanks so much for the 5 reports and the continuous great newsletters.

  55. Joan Noyan

    Your quick start to becoming a professional travel writer was very interesting. It had very helpful tips and I already written a short piece about our local concert hall - just to see if I can do it. Tomorrow I'll be visiting our local tourist office and put some of your tips into practice.

    Thank you very much.

  56. Mona Monnett

    Hello! I have been enjoying your newsletters and have been able to gain and apply information and techniques to taking better photos. I know you have not heard from me as I do not have the monetary means to be more involved but I simply wanted to let you know that I do enjoy your newsletters. One thing I learned that I could not get was how to take running water against a white sink...I learned to photograph it by turning off the lights. This also works for other white or very light items.
    Thank you for your newsletter!

  57. Brenda Price

    I enjoy reading daily The Right To travel, and look forward to the day that I can join on one of the outings and seminars.

  58. John Wilson

    Thanks for all the great information. I look for your email everyday!


  59. lynn

    Has great infomation for beginners

  60. leila mendez

    Thank you, I so enjoy your site!

  61. Sabrina Carberry

    I look forward in Reading your email, as I find them very helpfull and I am cant wait to reading the next issue.

  62. Susanne

    I love all the great information you give in the news letters. I look forward to being able to attend a seminar. Thanks again.

  63. Jeffrey Diamond

    I do enjoy and get quite a lot from your posts. I've had a hectic year with work, hopefully I'll have an adventure holiday soon and get some of those sensational photos I dream about. May I suggest the top end of Australia and New Zealand as tutorial destinations.

  64. Linda

    I have been reading your newsletter since early 2009. It gave me the encouragement I needed, and in April of that year I sent a breaking news article to a local paper and it was published. I later in the month was invited to a birthday celebration of a prominent citizen. I took photos and was contemplating on whether to do a write up about it, when I was approached by a gentleman who introduced himself as the publisher and owner of a multi-county newspaper (not the news paper that I was published in the week before) and ask who I was working for. After I told him my name and said I was freelance, we exchanged information, and he said “Send me some articles.” I did, and in May, the next month I was hired as reporter/photographer for his newspaper. I have now been working for the paper almost 3 years and editor for 2 of the counties it covers. I love my job and work from home. I cover board meetings, events, banquets and festivals. Anything that I want to in the 2 counties. Sometimes I will get an assignment is a county I don't usually cover, I Email my articles and photos in to the office, which is in another county, different than the counties I cover. I don't see my boss but twice a year. I work on my own and cover what I want and expenses are paid as well as vacation time, I took a months vacation last year with pay. I have my ideal job and it is thanks to your newsletter.

  65. Abhinav

    I am very glad to see your effort to educate people across the world. keep it up.we require your sincere guidence.Thanks.

  66. Richard Seto

    I have been enjoying the newsletters. I love the ones where people in situations have change their lives through photography. I also enjoy the tips/advice from your experienced professionals. In our busy lives today it is hard to take a chance in a change in careers. But I am working on it. Yours sincerely, Richard Seto

  67. Cristy

    Thank you for all the information you have been providing. I am a photographer enthusiast and I thoroughly enjoyed the useful tips you have been sharing. Keep up the good work!

  68. Cynthia Heppe

    Thank you I enjoy reading the News letters, one day I hope to attend a seminar in the near future.

  69. Ken

    Thanks so much for your information and inspiration. Even though I've been selling my work for over a quarter of a century, I still pick up a tid-bit or two of information in almost every issue.

  70. Jami Jennings

    Thanks! I always enjoy your newletters, find lots of encouragement and helpful tips there!
    I would love to meet all of you! Thanks again, I look forward to seeing more soon!

  71. Nicole

    Thanks for all the great information! I especially love all the stock photo tips!!

  72. Dianne

    Will be traveling to Dubai, Italy and Spain soon and look forward to trying the many tips received whilst on this trip. Thanks so much.

  73. Elsie Schmid

    You are doing a wonderful job sending out this vast amount of information and I appreciate it very, very much. Very soon I will start applying these suggestions and tips to see what I can accomplish. I have been unable to start until now but I have saved almost everything that you have sent out. It is a God send! Thank you for the time and effort spent on these daily messages. I love you for it! Since my discovery of this site I have lived to read what you have to tell us next. Please keep them coming! Thank you! Thank you!

  74. Susan

    I love reading your newsletter! Thank you for emailing it to me.

  75. Joanna Corden

    I love your newsletter, and all the tips - really helpful!

  76. Gautam

    Thanks to your NLs , you keep my 'wanderlust' alive. That's so important for the occasional traveler and the potential travel-writer !!!

  77. maurie

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful tips & hints, and I would like to attend one of your functions in the future !

  78. Marilynn McMillin

    It is a pleasure to receive a renewal and to simply read all those great tips! Though retired, I have not the finances at this time to participate in the workshops but enjoy the photos. Someday I'd like to sell photos and have a lab of my own.
    Thanks again.

  79. Nor Azian

    Thank you for the renewal. I love reading your newsletter and all the useful tips on taking pictures. I just bought a simple digital camera and am trying my hands at it. I also love to see the winning photos from your monthly photo contest and the comments that come with it. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  80. KOAS

    Packing tip: When using ZipLock bags stick a drinking straw into the last 1/4" seal opening. Press out the air. Pull out the straw and close seal. Using a straw; (1) ZipLock seal will not close prematurely forcing the opening of the bag and starting over. (2) The ZipLock seal track will stay in line to seal quickly.

  81. Prem

    Thanks for all the wonderful, incredibly useful tips, info and freebies you've given us over the years.

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