Strange Travel Tip: 10 Travel Uses for Ziplocs

Travel writer Jennifer Stevens always travels with a gallon-sized Ziploc bag.

She says, “I use these when I'm on a trip to hold all the story-related ‘stuff’ I pick up, like business cards from people I meet and from shops… brochures from hotels and attractions… articles from local papers… menus from restaurants. This way it's not coming out of every pocket in my suitcase and I can find what I need when I go looking for it.”

I carry a number of Ziploc bags when I travel, too. Here are 10 more travel uses for Ziplocs that you might find handy on your next trip:

** 1. Clothes Organizer -- Pack each day’s outfit in a gallon or two-gallon Ziploc, including shirt, pants or skirt, socks and underwear, and accessories. Then you won’t have to go searching for all of the parts when you get up in the morning.

** 2. Travel Hamper -- Bring an XL Ziploc and keep your dirty clothes zipped up tight and away from the clean ones.

** 3. Fragile Souvenir Protector -- Pack fragile souvenirs in your suitcase, surrounded by two or three Ziplocs, filled with air.

** 4. Camera Poncho -- A gallon-sized Ziploc is a great way to protect your camera in the rain. Wrap it around the body of your camera and shoot with the lens peeking out of the opening.

** 5. Impermeable Billfold -- Ever get stuck in a rainstorm with your passport in your pocket? Believe me, it comes out pretty wrinkly when it dries and attracts a lot of sidelong looks from border guards. Keep your passport, money, and other precious documents dry by storing them neatly in a sandwich-sized Ziploc.

** 6. Space Saver -- Get an XXL-sized Ziploc and fill it with all of the clothes you’re bringing on your trip. Then, roll or squeeze the air out from the bottom up, and seal.

** 7. Earring Keeper -- Put earrings, pills, or other small items into a snack-sized Ziploc and slip it into your bathroom bag. It’ll save your more precious items from getting lost or scratched.

** 8. Waker-Upper -- Make a coffee kit with your favorite tea, instant coffee, sugar, creamer, etc. and skip the coffee provided by the hotel.

** 9. Electronics Packet -- Store all of your electronics, wires, chargers, MP3 players, etc. in a gallon-sized Ziploc. You can see what’s in it while it’s closed, and it’ll keep your things from getting lost in the nooks and crannies of your suitcase.

** 10. Swimsuit Bag -- Put wet swimsuits into two-gallon-sized Ziplocs until you get home or back to the hotel. Works great for other wet clothes, too, like wet socks when you get caught in a rain storm.

-- Lori

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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