7 responses to “Thailand Dispatch #3: Better people shots”

  1. Norman Flaterud

    thanks Bonnie,
    enjoy the tips

  2. Raylyn Terrell

    Still enjoying your stuff, Bonnie.
    Keep up the good work!

    Raylyn Terrell


    I m really impressed with Bonnie's shots. Especially with her approach to subjects prior to taking photos of them. You must build rapport with them to be effective. I haven't traveled out of the country in a number of years, but those were real highlights of my life. Enjoy them Bonnie.

  4. Curtis Kojo

    Hi Bonnie-)
    From one "vagabond to another, Great shots, and keep up the work.

    Peace & Happy Travels


  5. Sharon Berg

    Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. And thanks for admitting that you are shy. So am I
    when it comes to photographing people. Enjoy your upcoming trip. Sincerely,
    Sharon Berg

  6. Dianna B. Suratt

    I liked reading the testimonials!

  7. Beth

    Every picture improves with your tips. Keep them coming!

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