Use your still photos to create photo videos

Video is the next big thing... and making videos with your camera is fun. But since you can’t go back and film trips you’ve already taken... you should know that you can make videos out of your still photos, too.

Take a look at this “photo video” I made out of some pictures I took in Thailand…

You can make “photo videos” in an afternoon with just about any basic movie editing software. (I used a program called Camtasia to do this one.)  Just drag your photos from a folder onto the video timeline, and you’re nearly done.

Add a little music... a few words sprinkled in... and you have something entirely new, that plays like a video, and can be used in a wide variety of ways to promote trips, hotels, tours, events... you name it.

The trick is to make your photos appear to move by zooming in or out, or panning across each shot as the video plays.

It can really breathe new life into old travel photos you may have forgotten about or didn’t think were interesting enough to sell on their own.

Whether you try this technique or not, keep experimenting with your photos and videos and having fun!

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